Salih Jabr

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Sayyid Salih Jabr
Sayyid Salih Jabr.jpg
16th Prime Minister of Iraq
In office
29 March 1947 – 27 January 1948
MonarchFaisal II
Prince Abdullah (Regent)
Preceded byNuri al-Said
Succeeded byMuhammad as-Sadr
Personal details
Political partyNation's Socialist Party
Children1 Sa'ad Saleh Jaber. 2) Sadia Saleh Jaber.

Salih Jabr (or Sayyid Salih Jabr Arabic: سيد صالح جبر‎) was an Iraqi statesman. In the 1930s and 1940s, he attended the office of minister of justice, education, foreign affairs, interior, and finance.[1] He was the 16th prime minister of Iraq from 29 March 1947 - 27 January 1948[2] and the first Shiite to become prime minister.[3] He was not accepted by young liberal and nationalist politicians who had been roughly handled when he was wartime minister of interior. During his time in office, the Anglo-Iraqi Treaty (1948), a revision of the Anglo-Iraqi Treaty (1930), was prepared and signed without consultation of other Iraqi leaders. His government fell after the bloody suppression of the anti-British Al-Wathbah uprising, he had to repudiate the treaty and fled to England on 26 January 1948.

His son Sa'ad Saleh Jabr launched the first Iraqi opposition newspaper Al Tayar from his exile in London in 1984 until the invasion 2003.[4]


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