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Scholars at Risk (SAR) is a U.S.-based international network of academic institutions organized to support and defend the principles of academic freedom and to defend the human rights of scholars around the world.

Network membership includes over 400 higher education institutions in 39 countries. Scholars at Risk also maintains affiliations and partnerships with other associations and organizations with related objectives, including the UK-based Network for Education and Academic Rights, the African Academic Freedom Network, the Arab Society for Academic Freedom, Spain's Grupo 9 de Universidades, Israel Network, the Scholars at Risk Ireland Section of Universities Ireland Network, the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF in the Netherlands, and the UK Universities Network.[1]

Scholars at Risk advocates on behalf of academics, writers, artists, and other intellectuals who are threatened in their home countries and arranges for positions of sanctuary at universities and colleges in the network for intellectuals fleeing persecution and violence.

Scholars at Risk was founded during a Human Rights Program in the University of Chicago in 1999. It has its headquarters in the Greenwich Village campus of New York University. Rob Quinn is the director of Scholars at Risk.


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