Scouting and Guiding in Switzerland

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National Scouting and Guiding organizations[edit]

Independent troops[edit]

  • In Basel operates a single Girl Scouts troop of the German traditionalist Catholic Scout association Katholische Pfadfinderschaft Jeanne d'Arc. This troop operates within the Society of St. Pius X.[13]
  • Pfadi Weiach in Stadel, Kaiserstuhl and Fisibach. The troop is interreligious, coeducational and is a former unit of the Swiss Guide and Scout Movement[14]
  • IG Gewässerschutz Kollbrunn-Flusspfadi Tösstal in Kollbrunn, Sea Scouts, interreligious and coeducational[15]

International Scout and Guide units in Switzerland[edit]

International Scout centres[edit]

Two international Scout centres are located in Switzerland: Kandersteg International Scout Centre, affiliated with WOSM, and Our Chalet, affiliated with WAGGGS.


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