Serengeti Shall Not Die

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Serengeti Shall Not Die
Serengeti darf nicht sterben.jpg
Cover art for the 1992 VHS video release
Directed by Bernhard Grzimek
Produced by Bernhard Grzimek
Written by Bernhard Grzimek
Narrated by Bernhard Grzimek
Edited by Klaus Dudenhöfer
Release date
June 25, 1959 (1959-06-25)
Running time
85 minutes
Country Germany
Language German

Serengeti Shall Not Die (German: Serengeti darf nicht sterben) is a 1959 German documentary film written and directed by Bernhard Grzimek.

His son, the cinematographer Michael Grzimek, died on-location during the filming of the documentary when a plane he piloted collided with a vulture.

It won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature in 1959.[1]


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