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Dr. Shaista Nuzhat (Punjabi: شائستہ نُزہت (Shahmukhi)) is a Punjabi linguistic and cultural expert, and the Director of the Punjab Institute of Language, Art and Culture (PILAC).[1]


Dr. Nuzhat was born at Gujranwala, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, in 1963. She did her Ph.D in Philosophy from University of the Punjab, Lahore. She is a poet in Punjabi and Urdu, a columnist, and a writer. She started her career as a lecturer in philosophy and afterwards, as a journalist. She has been a Sub. Editor in different national dailies. She is the founder director of PILAC in the Ministry of Information, Culture and Youth Affairs, Govt. of the Punjab. She holds the portfolio of Federal Deputy Secretary (Information and Broadcasting) Govt. of Pakistan.

Efforts for Punjabi language, art and culture[edit]

Nuzhat has worked to promote Punjabi language, literature, art and culture. Due to her efforts, the Punjab Legislative Assembly passed a bill for establishment of an institution named the Punjab Institute of Language, Art & Culture which started working in 2005 in a rented building at Shadman Colony, Lahore, as a constituent part of Ministry of Information, Culture and Youth Affairs. Punjabi writers, poets, and journalists have found a place in the Punjabi Complex, at 01-Qaddafi Stadium, Ferozpur Road, Lahore, with the support of Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi, the Ex. Chief Minister, Punjab. PILAC has been functioning from this complex since 2007, after an inauguration by Elahi. Nuzhat also started Pakistan's first Punjabi FM-radio channel named FM-Pechanway (FM-95) Punjab Rang, under the umbrella of PILAC, in the Punjabi Complex.

Nuzhat has visited Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Thailand, India, UK, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong-China, South Korea, and Sri Lanka, to deliver lectures and research papers in connection with promoting the Punjabi language.


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