Shakhdara Range

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Shakhdara Range (Russian: Шахдаринский хребет) lies in the extreme south-western Pamir in Tajikistan's Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province. It runs roughly in the east-west direction between Shakhdara River to the north and Panj on the border with Afghanistan to the south, rising toward Mayakovskiy Peak (6,096 m) in the west and Karl Marx Peak (6,726 m) in the east. Takes its name (in both English and Russian) from the Shakhdara River, and is sometimes erroneously called Shakhdarin Range (or Shakhdarin Mountains), a corruption of the Russian name.

Coordinates: 37°10′N 72°00′E / 37.167°N 72.000°E / 37.167; 72.000