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Shanghai Supercomputer Center (SSC; Chinese: 上海超级计算中心), founded on December 2000, was invested by Shanghai Municipal Government. Shanghai Supercomputer Center offers high performance computing, technical support and technical consulting services to customers from scientific research, public utilities services, to industrial and engineering. Till now, SSC has over 350 users from 27 provinces across the whole China, and covers 20 different fields and industries, which includes: weather forecast, drug design, life science, auto design, new material, civil engineering, physics, chemistry, aerospace, etc.[citation needed]

During the past decade, SSC has introduced three HPC systems, two of which were ranked #10 in TOP500 list in 2004 and 2009 separately; they are DAWNING 4000A (10TFlops) and DAWNING 5000A (Magic Cube, 230TFlops) that is operated by SSC currently.[citation needed]

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