Shinsei Kamattechan

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Shinsei Kamattechan
Origin Chiba, Japan
Years active 2007–present
Members Yuki Umifuji (Mono)
Ryosuke Oshima (Noko)
Misako Suzuki (Misako)
Daisaku Sakuma (Chibagin)
Past members Apache

Shinsei Kamattechan (神聖かまってちゃん) is a Japanese rock band from Chiba, Japan, formed in 2007. The band consists of Noko (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards), Mono (leader, keyboard, guitar, tambourine), Misako (drums), and Chibagin (bass, chorus). Their single "Yūgure no Tori" (夕暮れの鳥, Twilight Birds) was used as ending theme song of the anime series Attack on Titan Season 2.[1]


The band have grown an organic fanbase via online videos and so on, which is unusual in Japan. They released their debut album, Tomodachi o Koroshite Made (友だちを殺してまで, lit. "To Kill a Friend"), on 10 March 2010 on the indie label Perfect Music, which is run by their management company of the same name.

They later gained a deal with major label Warner Music Japan, with the album Tsumanne (つまんね, lit. "Boring") following on that label on 22 December 2010. On the same day, they also released Minna Shine (みんな死ね, lit. "Everyone Die") on Perfect Music.

On 31 August 2011, they released their fourth studio album, 8 Gatsu 32 Nichi e (8月32日へ, lit. "to August 32nd").[2]

The fictional movie Shinsei Kamattechan: Rock ‘n’ Roll wa Nariyamanai (劇場版・神聖かまってちゃん/ロックンロールは鳴り止まないっ) revolving around the band itself was released by Spotted Productions in Japan on 2 April 2011.[3] The English language title of the movie is Ringing in Their Ears.[4]

Their music is a strange blend of pop melodies and piano with dark lyrics and punk sensibilities. Most of their songs are digitally altered by frontman Noko, who also uses heavy delay and pitchshifting effects on his vocals.

Media attention[edit]

Shinsei Kamattechan have received a lot of media attention in Japan, although Noko rarely does interviews.

They have also attracted attention from English-language media. They were interviewed (without Noko) in a video on the website of British magazine NME at Summer Sonic 2010,[5] and by The Japan Times newspaper,[6] and their debut album, Tomodachi o Koroshite Made, was reviewed by Metropolis magazine.[7] They have also been mentioned in various blogs.[8][9]


The band are well known for broadcasting their activity on live-steaming video sites such as stickam, PeerCast, and Japanese popular video sharing website Nico Nico Douga. The member of the band, Noko is particularly notorious for his eccentric broadcasting methods.

Band members[edit]

Current members
  • Mono (海藤佑希, Umifuji Yūki, born 16 December 1985)leader, guitar, keyboards, tambourine
  • Noko (大島亮介, Ōshima Ryōsuke, born 16 June 1985)lead vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Misako (鈴木美早子, Suzuki Misako, born 11 October 1985)drums
  • Chibagin (佐久間大作, Sakuma Daisaku, born 11 December 1985)bass, chorus
Former members
  • Apache (あべしょ, Abesho, born 19 September 1984) — guitar, bass
  • Sanshiro (サンシロウ, Sanshirou) — bass



Title Album details Track listing Sales
Tomodachi wo Koroshite Made


lit. "To Kill a Friend"

  1. ロックンロールは鳴り止まないっ
  2. ぺんてる
  3. 死にたい季節
  4. 23才の夏休み
  5. 学校に行きたくない
  6. ゆーれいみマン
  7. ちりとり
  8. [Secret Track]


lit. "Boring"

  1. 白いたまご
  2. 天使じゃ地上じゃちっそく死
  3. 美ちなる方へ
  4. 芋虫さん
  5. 黒いたまご
  6. 笛吹き花ちゃん
  7. 夜空の虫とどこまでも
  8. 通学LOW
  9. いかれたNeet
  10. さわやかな朝
  11. 晴天脱力
  12. オーディオトラック 12
Minna Shine


lit. "Everyone Die"

  1. ねこラジ
  2. あるてぃめっとレイザー!
  3. ベイビーレイニーデイリー
  4. 自分らしく
  5. 怒鳴るゆめ
  6. 最悪な少女の将来
  7. スピード
  8. 男はロマンだぜ!たけだ君っ
  9. 神様それではひどいなり
  10. 僕のブルース
  11. ぽろりろりんなぼくもぎゃぎゃぎゃぎゃぎゃーん
  12. いくつになったら
  13. 口ずさめる様に
8 Gatsu 32 Nichi e


lit. "to August 32nd"

  1. グロい花
  2. 22才の夏休み
  3. 夕暮れメモライザ
  4. コタツから眺める世界地図
  5. 映画
  6. 僕は頑張るよっ
  7. 制服b少年
  8. バグったのーみそ
  9. 23才の夏休み
  10. 26才の夏休み


lit. "Fun"

  1. 知恵ちゃんの聖書
  2. 仲間を探したい
  3. 友達なんていらない死ね
  4. コンクリートの向こう側へ
  5. ベルセウスの空
  6. 雨宮せつな
  7. 2年
  8. らんっ!
  9. 鳥みたくあるいてこっ
  10. 花ちゃんはリスかっ!
  11. [Hidden Track]
Eiyuu syndrome


lit. "Hero Syndrome"

  1. オルゴールの魔法
  2. ズッ友
  3. ロボットノ夜
  4. 新宿駅
  5. おかえり
  6. 背伸び
  7. 彼女は太陽のエンジェル
  8. ひとりぼっち
  9. フロントメモリー feat.川本真琴
  10. だいじょぶわないじゃん
  11. 砲の上のあの娘
  12. フロントメモリー (の子vo.ver)
Natsu. Insutoru


lit. "Summer. Installation"

  1. きっと良くなるさ
  2. 僕ブレード
  3. そよぐ風の中で
  4. リッケンバンカー
  5. たんぽぽ
  6. drugs,ねー子
  7. ロマンス
  8. 天文学的なその数から
  9. 笛吹き花ちゃん feat.みさこ
Osanasa wo Nyuin Sasete


lit. "Hospitalize My Childishness"

  1. 夕暮れの鳥
  2. イマドキの子
  3. 陸上部の夏
  4. ねこねこレスキュー隊
  5. 非国民的アイドル
  6. まいちゃん全部ゆめ
  7. 雲そよぐ風の中る
  8. 緑の長靴
  9. 僕はぬいぐるみ
  10. おはよう
  11. 光の言葉
  12. 日々カルチャア
  13. 不安定ねこくらげ


Title Details Track listing Sales
Yūgata no Piano


lit. "Evening Piano"

  • Released: 7 July 2010
  1. 夕方のピアノ
  2. 夕方のピアノ (Instrumental)
Let's go Budokan!


lit. "Let's go to Nippon Budokan"

  • Released: 1 April 2011
  • Sold only at live concert
  1. レッツゴー武道館っ!
Yumeno End wa Itumo Mezamashi


lit. "An Alarm Clock Always Ends My Dream!"

  • Released: 28 March 2012
  • Collaborated with B.B.Queens
  • Track 1 and 3 are written by B.B.Queens
  1. 夢のENDはいつも目覚まし!
  2. ロックンロールは鳴り止まないっ(B.B.Queens version)
  3. ドレミファだいじょーぶ(Shinsei Kamattechan version)
Chietyan no Seisho


lit. "Ms.Chie's Bible"

  • Released: 10 October 2012
  1. 知恵ちゃんの聖書
  2. 熱いハートがそうさせないよ
  3. おっさんの夢


lit. "Front Memory"

  1. フロントメモリー feat.川本真琴
  2. 僕のHIPHOP
  3. ハワイ
Robotto no Yoru


lit. "Robot Night"

  • Released: 28 May 2014
  1. ロボットノ夜
  2. 源氏蛍
  3. まぼろし大好きっ!
  4. 建物んちの君


lit. "Forever Friend"

  • Released: 25 June 2014
  1. ズッ友
  2. 夏のゆーれい部員スタートっ
  3. 躁鬱電池メンタル
Yūgure no Tori / Hikari no Kotoba

夕暮れの鳥 /光の言葉

lit. "Twilight Birds / Words of Light"

  1. 夕暮れの鳥
  2. 光の言葉
  3. 男はロマンだぜ!たけだ君っ (2017再録ver.)
  4. コンクリートの向こう側へ (2017リマスターver.)


Title Album details Track listing Work Sales
Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko OP Single
  1. Os-宇宙人
  2. コタツから眺める世界地図
  3. Os-宇宙人 (off vocal ver.)
  4. コタツから眺める世界地図 (off vocal ver.)
  • Arrangement
  • Lyrics and composition by Noko


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