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The Shirley Foundation, based in the UK, was established in 1996 by Dame Stephanie Shirley, who gave a substantial endowment to establish a charitable trust fund. The fund is used to initiate and support many projects, relating to IT and autism.

Awards have been given as follows:

£15m has been given to the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists and the Oxford Internet Institute.

Over £50m has been given for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Major gifts[edit]

Selected other gifts[edit]

Lifetime Economics of Autism
Good Autism Practice
Distance Learning Certificate (Autism)
Volprof Charity Talks
Music for Children with Autism
All-Party Parliamentary Group for Autism
Rycroft Assessment Centre (Autism)
Institute of Charitable Trustees
Welsh All-Party Group — later Autism Cymru
IT Centre, Wirral Autistic Society
Autism Initiatives
Virtual City — Nottingham University
Autism West Midlands
Scottish All-Party Group — Scottish Society for Autism
Housing for Autism
Prevalence of Autism
Kaimes School for Autism, Edinburgh
Welsh School for Autism, Brondyffryn
Public Information Booklet — All about ASD
Public Information Booklet — for people with autism
Guide to Commissioning Services — Autism
Website: Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities

Disability Equality in Education
Psychological Aspects of Autism
Pyramid Educational Trust
Autism Funders’ Network Seminar on Autism
Advocacy/Expert Witness Service for Autism
PACE for the future
Music Therapy Conference (autism session)
Research into sleep disorders in children with autism
World Health Organisation (WHO) — Autism
Epidemiology of Asperger's syndrome
Autism Awareness Day
Fundraising Advisory Service for Autistic Charities
Kaspar/National Alliance for Autism Research
New Philanthropy Capital — Autism Review
New York School for Autism
Lifetime Economics of Autism (update)

History of Autism — Conversations with the Pioneers
Autism Speaks
The Hoffmann Foundation for Autism
WHO Europe — Autism
Autism Forum
King Ecgbert's School Integrated Resource
WHO Global — Autism
Mortality & Morbidity in people with Autism
Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities
Oz child (music scholarship for autism)
Biomarkers in ASD and intellectual disability

Roundway Centre for Speech and Language Therapy
World Autism Awareness Exhibition
Ethics of Asperger’s syndrome
Autism biomarker study
Specialisterne Ireland
Global Health Network — Autism
Childhood Disintegrative Disorder Study
Employment and Autism
Quality of Life metrics — Autism

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