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Created byCosmos-Maya and Viacom18[1]
Written byNiraj Vikram
Directed bySuhas Kadav
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons01
Production company(s)Cosmos Entertainment
Maya Digital Studios
DistributorViacom 18
Original networkNickelodeon (2015-2016)
Nickelodeon Sonic (2016-present)[2]
Nick HD+ (2018-present)
Audio formatDolby Digital
Original release9 November 2015 (2015-11-09) – present

Shiva is an Indian animated action television series currently airing on Nickelodeon Sonic and Nick HD+. The series in produced by Cosmos-Maya and Viacom18.[1] The show features Shiva, a brave and intelligent boy who fights with the dangerous villains of the nation. It is one of the highest rated television kids show in India.[3] It airs in Indonesia on ANTV in title "Shiva" and dubbed in Indonesian.


Shiva is a young boy who lives with his grandparents in a fictional city named Vedas in India. He is a child superhero with supernatural powers. He faces a lot of villains who try to harm or try to damage any people and property of his city. He beats villains, a policeman named Mr. Laddo Singh who wanted to catch the criminals but gets in trouble. Shiva and his friends are always rewarded by the Indian Government for their utmost bravery.

Movies Review[edit]

Shiva: The Secret World of Vedas City: As estranged royal prince claims the Vedas city as his own and asks the citizens to evacuate. Shiva, a young boy, sets on a mission to save his city despite facing many dangers along the way.

Release Date:- 31 December 2017

Shiva and the Lost Tribe: Shiva and his squad set out on a mission to solve the mystery of a crying mountain where they come across a lost tribe that is blessed with magical powers to control the nature.

Release Date:- 03 June 2018

Shiva VS Man From Future: A robot from the 30th century is in search of Shiva, a 21st century child with superpowers. When the tow come face-to-face and clash against each other, a series of adventures ensue.

Release Date:- 07 November 2018

Shiva VS The Autobots: Shiva, a young boy with supernatural powers, takes on the Autobots, the evil robots, who try to cause harm to the people around him.

Release Date:- 25 November 2018


No. Name First




Date Of Week And Time

1 Welcome 2019 With Shiva 2 January 2019 11 January 2019 Monday To Friday

09:30 AM

Nickelodeon Sonic
2 Shiva The Mighty Warrior 14 January 2019 18 January 2019 Monday To Friday

12:30 PM

Nickelodeon Sonic
3 Shiva The Rescuer 21 January 2019 25 January 2019 Monday To Friday

12:30 PM

Nickelodeon Sonic
4 Shiva Vs Natural Disasters 1 26 January 2019 Only Saturday

11:30 AM

Nickelodeon Sonic
5 Shiva Vs Natural Disasters 2 27 January 2019 Only Sunday

11:30 AM

Nickelodeon Sonic

Special Episodes[edit]

No. Name Premiere


1 Shiva Vs Gangs Of Vedas City 9 September 2018
2 Shiva - Revenge Of Tornado 16 September 2018
3 Shiva-Threat Of The Trio 23 September 2018
4 Shiva VS Angry Creatures 7 October 2018
5 Shiva And The Mutant Mystery 14 October 2018
6 Shiva's Quest Against Evil 19 October 2018
7 Shiva's Robotic Adventures 21 October 2018
8 Shiva: Ring Ka King 4 November 2018
9 Shiva-Diwali Special 5 November 2018
10 Shiva: Threats On Vedas City 11 November 2018
11 Shiva and the Gadget Thieves 18 November 2018
12 Shiva VS Robbers Of Vedas City 25 November 2018
13 Shiva: The Saviour 9 December 2018
14 Shiva: Champion Of Vedas City 16 December 2018
15 Shiva The Racer 6 January 2019
16 Shiva In Flying Adventures 13 January 2019
17 Shiva And Threats From The Sea 20 January 2019


No. Name Release Dates
Nick Nick HD+ Sonic
1 Shiva: The Secret World of Vedas City 31 December 2017 19 April 2018 7 January 2018
2 Shiva and the Lost Tribe 3 June 2018 3 June


10 June 2018
3 Shiva VS Man From Future 10 November 2018 This Movie Is Not Released On Nick HD+ 7 November 2018
4 Shiva VS The Autobots 25 November 2018 This Movie Is Not Released On Nick HD+ 2 December 2018


  • Shiva is a heroic boy with great strength,bravery and intelligence. He has a super bike which can fly. He saves the people of Vedas city from various threats and helps Mr. Ladoo Singh to arrest them. He lives with his grandparents. Voiced by Nilufer middey khan in Hindi version
  • Aditya also known as 'Adi' is a friend of Shiva. He speaks proudly about his bravery but is very scared. He joins with Shiva in all his adventures and very loyal to his family and friends.voiced by unknown in Hindi version
  • Uday also known as 'Udi' is a friend of Shiva. He gets hungry when scared. He is also very strong.In every mistery his thinks that the hand before these problems are aliens voiced by Sonal kaushal in Hindi version
  • Reva is a friend of Shiva. She always supports Shiva and firmly believes that Shiva is powerful.she believes that shiva can do anything.she is very intelligent voiced by unknown in Hindi version
  • Mr. Ladoo Singh is the Police Inspector of Vedas. He is always helped by Shiva in performing his duties.he is Very frightened inspector voiced by unknown in Hindi version
  • Pedaram is the assistant of Mr. Ladoo Singh.Voiced by unknown in Hindi version
  • Nanaji name is Ram Narayan Singh he is Shiva's nana (maternal grandfather )he sings worst .When he sings everybody flies away as if a tornado has come .By this ability sometimes he helps shiva voiced by unknown in Hindi version
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Current broadcasters[edit]

Country Channel Language
 India Nickelodeon India Hindi
Nickelodeon Sonic
Nick HD+
Rishtey (TV Channel)
 Indonesia ANTV Indonesian
 Bangladesh Maasranga Television Bengali
 Sri Lanka Hiru TV Sinhala
 Paraguay SNT 9 Spanish
 South Korea Tooniverse Korean
Southeast Asia Nickelodeon Asia English  France

France 3 French


Super RTL German

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