Shuangjing Station

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Beijing Subway
Shuangjing station platform.jpg
Location Beijing
Operated by Beijing Mass Transit Railway Operation Corp., Ltd
Line(s)      Line 10
Opened July 19, 2008
Preceding station   Beijing Subway   Following station
towards outer loop / anticlockwise
Line 10
towards inner loop / clockwise

Shuangjing Station is a subway station on Line 10 of the Beijing Subway, located in Shuangjing Subdistrict. The station itself has full platform doors inside it. Exit A leads directly into the basement of the VIVA! Mall. The station is one the Beijing's busiest, which handled a peak entry and exit traffic of 100,000 people on May 5, 2013.[1] Shuangjing was planned to be the interchange between Line 7 and Line 10. However, due to the station not being planned to be an interchange station, the original Line 10 platforms are designed for a significantly smaller passenger demand. At 10 meters wide, the single center platform is one of the narrowest on the entire Line 10. Beijing Subway authorities determined that the narrow platform will not be able to serve the large transfer volumes between Line 7 and 10. Therefore, on December 28, 2014 when Line 7 opened trains on Line 7 do not stop at this station.[2] Subway authorities are currently planning to rebuild and expand of the station to handle the new demand. Several implementation options are being investigated. The first option is to close the entire station and complete expansions in one year. The second option keeps the existing station open but drags the construction timetable to about three years.[3]


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Coordinates: 39°53′32″N 116°27′19″E / 39.8922°N 116.4552°E / 39.8922; 116.4552