Siberia (film)

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Directed by Robert Jan Westdijk
Written by Jos Driessen, Robert Jan Westdijk
Music by Junkie XL
Release date
Running time
91 minutes
Country Netherlands
Language Dutch

Siberia is a 1998 Dutch comedy film directed by Robert Jan Westdijk about a group of young Dutchmen who systematically rob tourists after having sex. Baywatch star Nicole Eggert has a cameo role in the film. The film was premiered on August 27, 1998 and attracted an attendance of around 54,000.


Goof, Hugo and his two friends have a special hobby, they bed foreign female backpackers in Amsterdam, and then run off with their backpacks. One of the friends find it more fun to photograph their victims as a souvenir. When Goof falls in love with a foreign girl their hobby is in danger.


  • Roeland Fernhout ... Goof
  • Hugo Metsers ... Hugo
  • Vlatka Simac ... Lara
  • Nicole Eggert ... Kristy
  • Johnny Lion ... Freddy
  • Alessia Sorvillo ... Angela
  • Francesca Rizzo ... Kika
  • Nefeli Anthopoulou ... Marina
  • Syan Blake ... Maggie
  • Katja Dreyer ... Kate
  • Bente Jonker ... Ute
  • Jos ten Bosch ... Clerk
  • Elisabeth Estaras ... Rough Girl

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