Siemens M65

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Siemens M65

The Siemens M65 was a smartphone by Siemens Mobile. It was announced in 2004[1] and released on the 1. of February, 2005[2] and sold in Germany at 379€.[3]

The phone is 109 × 49 × 19 mm3 large and features a backlit number keypad, 132 × 176 pixel 16-bit color, TFT display,[1] as well as a backside 0.3 MP video camera with VGA color.[2] It is resistant to shock, water, and dust damage.[1]

According to Siemens,[3] the removable 750 mAh battery can last up to 300 hours in standby mode and 5 hours when actively in use.[1]

The phone comes with several productivity applications, as well as a few games, and can connect to the internet via a cellular connection.[1] It lacks any Wi-Fi functionality,[2] but includes an infrared sensor.[1]

The 11 MB internal storage can only accommodate 14 phone book and up to 300 call history entries.[1]


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