Siemens M65

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Siemens M65

The Siemens M65 is a robust mobile phone. It is made shock resistant by its metal frame and rubber bumpers. The device is dust and splash water resistant complying with IP54 standard. The phone features a VGA camera, which can be used to record both still images and video, and a 65k colour display 2.1" with 132x176 px resolution. The photo resolution is 640x480 and video is 128x96. It also came with several action based games pre-installed.

The phone's built-in battery is large enough to power the phone for 330 minutes, or up to 300 hours if left in stand-by mode. It takes two hours to charge the battery to full capacity. The phone can be used to create own text files of many charactersets, create HTML pages, ZIP archive and own skins (SCS format). This phone has a fast browser and a 1.5 MB cached Java system. The phone is not equipped with Bluetooth or the ability to change covers, nor does it have an MP3 player. The network frequency of the phone is Triple Band EGSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900.

One can edit or create Mid, JPG, GIF, BMP, BMX etc. files by using various software. (Ex. PhotoEditor, MidEdit, SieFM, PaintCAD or TextEditor)

Critics of this phone state that its battery lasts for only two days even in stand-by mode and then needs to be recharged. Also, at the beginning of its production, the phone was said to sometimes hang or switch off. This was fixed in later versions of firmware.