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The SF65 is a mobile phone made by Siemens and launched in 2005. It had various advantageous features, including the swivel phone face which enabled the phone to become a digital camera in its own right, the claim made that the phone was both 100% phone, 100% camera.

The phone itself is a clam shell flip phone, boasting a 1.3 mega pixel camera, a mobile version of the much enjoyed game ´´Worms´´, a high memory capacity, amounting to over 18 megabytes and although the phone lacked Bluetooth, there is the ability to send and receive data files from the addition of IrDA. The phone had an exceptional battery life, with a standby life of 400 hours, unlike other camera phones released around the same period.

The phone is somewhat hindered by its tendency to freeze periodically, which requires it to be either switched off or if this fails the back taken off and the battery removed and reinserted. The battery, it is worth mentioning, is something of a challenge to remove, through the presence of the clips that support the battery in place.

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