Siemens S55

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Siemens S55
Siemens S55 with IQP-500.jpg
Dimensions 101 x 42 x 18 mm = 69cm³
Weight 85g
Memory 1 MB
Display 256 colors (8 bit), 101 x 80 px
Connectivity IrDA, Bluetooth

The Siemens S55 is a mobile phone which was introduced by Siemens in late 2002.[citation needed] At the time it was a high end phone and one of the first colour phones by Siemens, with a 256 colour screen, Bluetooth and infrared, and a competitor to the Ericsson T68.[1]

It was superseded by phones with screens with more colours and pixels, such as 4096, then 65K colour screens.

Picture of Verrazano Bridge taken with an S55.

The S55 had features unique at that time for a phone of its size, including:[1]

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