Silver Hill Hospital

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Silver Hill Hospital
Location Silvermine River Valley of Fairfield County, New Canaan, Connecticut, United States
Coordinates 41°09′54″N 73°28′08″W / 41.165°N 73.469°W / 41.165; -73.469Coordinates: 41°09′54″N 73°28′08″W / 41.165°N 73.469°W / 41.165; -73.469
Funding Non-profit hospital
Hospital type Psychiatric
Beds 129 [1]
Founded 1931
Lists Hospitals in Connecticut

Silver Hill Hospital is a non-profit psychiatric hospital in New Canaan, Connecticut.[2] established in 1931. The hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission and provides behavioral health care treatment.[3] This includes psychiatric and addiction services.

Since 2010, Silver Hill Hospital hosts the annual Giving Hope Gala, a fundraiser to benefit the Patient Financial Aid Fund, which assists patients lacking funds to cover the costs for the hospital's long-term residential treatment programs. The gala was founded by Michael Cominotto and husband Dennis Basso.[4]


Silver Hill Hospital was founded by John Millet in 1931 as Silver Hill Inn as a setting to help patients described as "nervous, depressed, anxious, or malingering."[5] It was located in the Silvermine River Valley of Fairfield County, straddling the borders of Wilton and New Canaan, Connecticut.[6]

Starting in 1971, focus was placed on building the hospital's substance abuse program. By 1984, that program included a psychiatrist, an associate psychiatrist, a psychologist, substance abuse counselors, nursing staff, and a recreational and occupational therapist.[7]

The inpatient acute care unit was built in 1985[8] to provide treatment to patients whose mental illness call for constant supervision.[5]

In 2012, The Chronic Pain and Recovery Center program launched.[9] In 2015, both an eating disorder program for adults[10] and an outpatient opioid addiction program launched.[11]


The hospital's 42-acre campus includes former family homes acquired by the hospital's board over time, allowing for longer term treatment and transitional living programs on the campus.[8] The restoration of these homes generated several awards from a local historical preservation society. These include:

  • Scavetta House, which serves as a men's residential facility.[12]
  • River House, a 1913 English Tudor style home that has served as a patient residence since the 1980s[12] and now houses the Dialectical Behavior Therapy residential program,[13] which helps so-called borderline patients regulate feelings by charting emotions.[5]
  • Klingenstein House, a 1920s guesthouse that now houses the Adolescent Transitional Living Program.[13][14][15]


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