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Simon Turner (born 21 November 1954) is an English musician, songwriter, composer, producer and actor.

After portraying Ned East in the 1971 BBC TV adaptation of Tom Brown's Schooldays and roles in films such as The Big Sleep (1978), Dover-born Simon Turner quickly rose to fame as a teenage star in Britain thanks to his mentor Jonathan King who released his first album Simon Turner in 1973 on UK Records. He was a member of the Gadget and also joined The The for a period of two years. He has used several names as a recording artist, including Simon Fisher Turner, the King of Luxembourg, Deux Filles and Simon Turner. Simon Turner continues to record albums for Mute Records as Simon Fisher Turner.

He was a member of The Portsmouth Sinfonia Orchestra, and plays clarinet on their only live album, recorded at The Albert Hall.London.

In the 1980s, he released several singles on the él record label as The King of Luxembourg, many of them having been given airplay by BBC Radio DJ John Peel. In 1990 he released a solo album on Creation Records.

Turner is also known for recording film soundtracks, most notably for Derek Jarman's Caravaggio (1986), The Last of England (1988), The Garden (1990), and Jarman's final film Blue. He also composed the complete score for William Eggleston in the Real World (2005) as well as for the David Lynch produced film Nadja. Many of his soundtracks are released on CD, mainly on Mute Records, for whom he also made three solo albums.

In 2002, Turner was a visiting professor at Braunschweig School of Art in Germany. In 2009, he joined Tilda Swinton on a new film essay shot in Berlin for The Invisible Frame (2009) directed by Cynthia Beatt. In the same year he produced Polly Scattergood's self-titled debut album, Polly Scattergood.

He also completed music for sculptor Alyson Shotz at the Nasher Sculpture Centre, Dallas. In 2010 he composed the music for "The Great White Silence" a film by Herbert Ponting. It was restored by the British Film Institute, and released on Blu-ray/DVD. The soundtrack is available from Soleilmoon Recordings.

In 2011 Simon also released a triple CD titled "Soundtracks for Derek" on Optical Sound. It is music composed for the exhibition "Super 8" by Derek Jarman at the Julia Stoschek Foundation. Mute Records released a new CD of music made with the sounds supplied by Espen J. Jorgensen.[1]

In 2011 "Music for Films you should have seen" was released by Optical Sound. This includes music for the only film Jean Genet ever made. Un Chant D'amour.

He continues to make music for commercials for water, supermarkets and cancer research.

In 2012 SFT is working with dumb type in Kyoto, the BFI in the UK and preparing new sounds constantly. He plays concert in Europe performing both BLUE and THE GREAT WHITE SILENCE, live with the Elysian Quartet. He has made music for commercials also.[2]

He is currently writing and composing the score for The Epic of Everest. A film made in 1924 by Captain John Noel.This is film is being restored by The British Film Institute, and will be released on Blu-ray in 2013. A soundtrack album will be released on Mute Records.

Simon Turner lives with his wife and two children in London.



  • Tom Brown's Schooldays (1971 TV serial)
  • The Long Chase (13 episodes, 1972)
  • The Intruder (1972) TV series
  • The Adventures of Black Beauty (1972)
  • Village Hall (1974) TV series
  • Who Killed Lamb? (1974) (TV)
  • Kim & Co. (1975) TV series
  • Lillie (1978) TV serial
  • Neptune's Children (1985) TV series



As Simon Turner[edit]

  • Shoeshine Boy/17 Single (UK Records UK 20) (1972)
  • Baby (I Gotta Go)/Love Around Single (UK Records UK 32) (1972)
  • Baby (I Gotta Go)/I Wanna Love My Life Away Single (UK Records UK 37) (1972)
  • The Prettiest Star/Love Around Single (UK Records UK 44) (1973)
  • California Revisited/Simon Talk Single (UK Records UK 52) (1973)
  • She Was Just A Young Girl (No Way)/I'll Take Your Hand Single (UK Records UK 60) (1974)
  • Sex Appeal/Little Lady Single (UK Records UK 74) (1974)
  • I've Been A Bad Bad Boy / Little Lady Single (UK Records UK 104) (1974)
  • New York / Hello I Am Your Heart Single (1975)
  • Could It Really Be Single (Ariola Records 17800 AT) (1977)
  • Simon Turner (UK Records UKAL 1003) (1973)
  • Simon Turner (Creation Records) (1990)
  • Sex Appeal (1992)
  • The Many Moods of Simon Turner (1993)
  • Revox (1993)

As the King of Luxembourg[edit]

  • Sir/Royal Bastard (1988)
  • Sex Appeal (1992)
  • Sweets of Japan (Felicite Records) (2003)

As Simon Fisher Turner[edit]

  • The Bone of Desire (1985)
  • Caravaggio Original Soundtrack (1986–95)
  • The Last of England Original Soundtrack (1987)
  • Melancholia Soundtrack (1989)
  • Edward II Original Soundtrack (1991)
  • The Garden Original Soundtrack (1991)
  • I've Heard the Ammonite Murmur (1992)
  • Blue (1994)
  • Live Blue Roma (The Archaeology of Sound) (1995)
  • Nadja (1995)
  • Shwarma (1996)
  • Loaded Original Soundtrack (1996)
  • Still, Moving, Light (1999)
  • Oh Venus (1999)
  • Eyes Open (1999)
  • Travelcard (2000)
  • Riviera Faithful (2002)
  • Swift (2002)
  • Lana Lara Lata (2007)
  • Music From Films You Should Have Seen (2009)

Soundtracks for Derek. (2011) triple cd. ."The Great White Silence" OST. Soleilmoon recordings. .Soundescapes. by sft and Espen J jorgenson. on MuteR.

Film music not released on CD (selection)[edit]


  2. ^ See for all archive photos and Soundcloud. He can also be followed on Twitter as IVFT

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