Singaporean presidential election, 1999

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Singaporean presidential election, 1999
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  President of Singapore SR Nathan.jpg
Nominee S.R. Nathan
Party Independent
Popular vote Uncontested

President before election

Ong Teng Cheong

Elected President

S.R. Nathan

The Singaporean presidential election of 1999 was held to elect the President of Singapore to succeed the incumbent, Ong Teng Cheong, whose term was to end on 31 August 1999. The Writ of Election declared 18 August to be Nomination Day, and 28 August would have been declared Polling Day if more than one candidate were to stand nominated on Nomination Day.

After considering the candidates' applications, the Presidential Elections Committee issued a Certificate of Eligibility to Ambassador-at-large S. R. Nathan, but declined to do so for private tutor Ooi Boon Ewe and Democratic Progressive Party leader Tan Soo Phuan. On Nomination Day, Nathan was the only candidate to stand nominated. He was declared duly elected to the office of President, and assumed office on 1 September 1999.



Candidates Background
S. R. Nathan Ambassador-at-large

Declared ineligible[edit]

Candidates Background
Ooi Boon Ewe private tutor
Tan Soo Phuan Democratic Progressive Party leader


e • d Summary of the 18 August 1999 Singapore presidential election results
Candidate Votes
S.R. Nathan without ballot

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