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6 is a number, numeral, and glyph.

6 or six may also refer to:

  • AD 6, the sixth year of the AD era
  • 6 BC, the sixth year before the AD era
  • The month of June


  • Carbon, the element with atomic number 6
  • 6 Hebe, an asteroid


  • Alphonse Six (1890–1914), Belgian football player
  • Didier Six (born 1954), former French international footballer
  • Franz Six (1909–1975), Nazi official
  • Frederick N. Six (born 1929), Justice of the Kansas Supreme Court
  • James Six (1731–1793), British scientist
  • Jan Six (1616-1700), an important cultural figure in the Dutch Golden Age
  • Robert Six (1907–1986), Chief Executive Officer of Continental Airlines between 1936 and 1981
  • Regine Sixt, German businessperson
  • Valérie Six (born 1963), French politician
  • Perri 6 (an extremely rare surname), social scientist
  • Six family, family of regents of Amsterdam, founded by Jan Six


  • Six (band), an Irish pop band created by a TV reality show
  • Six (musical), a musical about the six wives of King Henry VIII
  • #6, the pseudonym of American musician Shawn Crahan, when performing with Slipknot




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