Six Frontier Towns

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The Six Frontier Towns (Traditional Chinese:六鎮; Simplified Chinese:六镇), also known as Northern Frontier Towns (北镇), refers to six military towns in the Hetao region that Northern Wei government built during Huangshi era and Yanhe era to prevent the southward invasion by Rouran. These towns were Woye, Huaishuo, Wuchuan, Fumin, Rouxuan and Huaihuang (from west to east).

The town of Woye was located in the old city of Woye of Han Dynasty, southwest of today's Linhe Country of Inner Mongolia at first, but later move to Shuofang of Han Dynasty, north of today's Hangjin Banner. The town of Huaishuo was located in southwest of today's Guyang, Inner Mongolia. Later its name was changed to Shuozhou. The town of Wuchuan was located in west of today's Wuchuan Country, Inner Mongolia.

In 528, it became a district (郡). The town of Fumin was located in southeast of today's Siziwang Banner. The town of Rouxuan was located in northwest of today's Xinghe Country. The town of Huaihuang was located in northwest of today's Chicheng Country.

Name Chinese: Traditional / Simplified Pinyin / Wade-Giles Present day Location
Woye 沃野鎮 / 沃野镇 wòyě zhèn / wo-yeh chen Northeast of Linhe District, Bayan Nur, Inner Mongolia 41°08′24″N 108°47′41″E / 41.1400°N 108.7947°E / 41.1400; 108.7947
Huaishuo 懷朔鎮 / 怀朔镇 huáishuò zhèn / huai-shuo chen Bailingnao, Northeast of Guyang County, Baotou, Inner Mongolia 41°17′26″N 110°18′51″E / 41.2905°N 110.3141°E / 41.2905; 110.3141
Wuchuan 武川鎮 / 武川镇 wǔchuān zhèn / wu-ch'uan chen Xianantan Village, West of Wuchuan County, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia 41°04′39″N 111°23′45″E / 41.0774°N 111.3958°E / 41.0774; 111.3958
Fuming 撫冥鎮 / 抚冥镇 fǔmíng zhèn / fu-ming chen Southeast of Siziwang Banner, Inner Mongolia 41°27′46″N 111°44′36″E / 41.4628°N 111.7433°E / 41.4628; 111.7433
Rouxuan 柔玄鎮 / 柔玄镇 róuxuán zhèn / jou-hsüan chen Taijimiao, Northwest of Xinghe County, Ulanqab, Inner Mongolia
Huaihuang 懷荒鎮 / 怀荒镇 huáihuāng zhèn / huai-huang chen Zhangbei County, Zhangjiakou, Hebei

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