Ski jumping at the 1924 Winter Olympics

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Ski jumping
at the I Olympic Winter Games
Ski jumping pictogram.svg
Venue Le Tremplin Olympique du Mont
Dates 4 February
Competitors 27 from 9 nations
Winning Score 18.960
1st, gold medalist(s) Jacob Tullin Thams  Norway
2nd, silver medalist(s) Narve Bonna  Norway
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Anders Haugen  United States
1928 →

At the 1924 Winter Olympics, one individual ski jumping event was contested. It was held on Monday 4 February 1924. The event was unusual, as the bronze medallist was not properly rewarded until 50 years later.[citation needed] Originally, Thorleif Haug was awarded third place, but a calculation error had been made. Upon its 1974 discovery, the medal was awarded to Anders Haugen of the United States.

Ski jumping


Gold Silver Bronze
Jacob Tullin Thams
Narve Bonna
Anders Haugen
 United States


This competition took place at Le Mont with a K-point of 71 meters.[1] The winner of the competition Jacob Tullin Thams also won a silver medal in sailing at the 1936 Summer Olympics; he is among very few athletes to win both Winter and Summer Olympic medals.

Place Ski jumper Total
1  Jacob Tullin Thams (NOR) 18.960
2  Narve Bonna (NOR) 18.680
3  Anders Haugen (USA) 18.000
4  Thorleif Haug (NOR) 17.821
5  Einar Landvik (NOR) 17.521
6  Axel-Herman Nilsson (SWE) 17.146
7  Menotti Jakobsson (SWE) 17.083
8  Alexandre Girard-Bille (SUI) 16.793
9  Nils Lindh (SWE) 16.737
10  Franz Wende (TCH) 16.480
11  Sulo Jääskeläinen (FIN) 16.418
12  Nils Sundh (SWE) 16.397
13  Tuure Nieminen (FIN) 16.262
14  Lemoine Batson (USA) 16.200
15  Klébert Balmat (FRA) 15.500
16  Harry Lien (USA) 14.917
17  Luigi Faure (ITA) 14.010
18  Peter Schmid (SUI) 13.437
19  Mario Cavalla (ITA) 12.605
20  Karel Koldovský (TCH) 12.501
21  Andrzej Krzeptowski (POL) 12.458
22  Gilbert Ravanel (FRA) 12.397
23  Hans Eidenbenz (SUI) 10.313
24  Xaver Affentranger (SUI) 7.813
25  Martial Payot (FRA) 7.355
26  Josef Bím (TCH) 2.333
 Louis Albert (FRA) DNF

Participating nations[edit]

A total of 27 ski jumpers from nine nations competed at the Chamonix Games:


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