Smack This!

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Smack This!
Smack This.jpg
Video by Godsmack
Released April 4, 2002
Genre Alternative metal, nu metal, groove metal
Length 75:00
Label Universal/Republic
Director Ian Barrett
Godsmack chronology
Smack This!

Smack This is a home video by the alternative metal band Godsmack, and the first DVD from the band. It was filmed over a period of 5 years, during which Godsmack released 2 albums and went on 10 different live tours. The film is a compilation of candid interviews, rowdy backstage antics, and live footage from the bands tours.

Song track listing[edit]

  1. "Whatever"
  2. "Immune"
  3. "Voodoo"
  4. "Get Up, Get Out!"
  5. "Time Bomb"
  6. "Walk" (with Pantera)
  7. "Keep Away"
  8. "Stress"
  9. "Moon Baby"