Straight Out of Line

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"Straight Out of Line"
Single by Godsmack
from the album Faceless
ReleasedMarch 13, 2003
Format12-inch, CD
RecordedThe Hit Factory Criteria, Miami,FL
GenreNu metal
Songwriter(s)Sully Erna
Producer(s)David Bottrill, Sully Erna
Godsmack singles chronology
"I Stand Alone"
"Straight Out of Line"

"Straight Out of Line" is the lead single from Godsmack's third studio album Faceless.[1] After its release, the song immediately ascended to number one on the Mainstream Rock chart, and hit the top 10 on the Modern Rock chart.[2] It was also the band's third number one on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart and remained at that specific position for two weeks. It is also their highest charting single on the Billboard Hot 100, reaching No. 73.

Song meaning[edit]

"Straight Out of Line" is dedicated to old friends who sneer at Sully across a crowded room because of his fame. According to band member Robbie Merrill, the song speaks for the entire band. "I can relate to that song big time," he says over the phone from Hollywood, where the band were fulfilling some promotional duties. "Even your family — all the sudden I have some success, and I come off tour and my mom’s got 20 people outside waiting for me to sign shit. I’m like, ‘Mom!’ Same thing with friends. I’m the same person — I do my motocross and my hockey with my same buddies. Those guys are pretty cool with it, but you get other people that just look at you different, and it’s sad."[3]

According to Erna, the song is about the people changing around you that expect you to be different because the band's grown and been successful and toured. "These guys used to buddy up with you and buy you a beer, and now they don't understand that you have to tour and there's a lot of work involved, so we're not able to call them every weekend anymore and hang out with them. The animosity kind of grew over the years, and they expect us to have superstar attitudes now. I don't think we've changed at all. I think we're pretty humble for the level that we're at, and it's a bit out of line for them to be that way." Erna said.[4]

The song features a chugging main riff enhanced by textural, single-note guitar lines and powerful, melodic vocals. As on past offerings, Godsmack tactfully blend bruising intensity with hum-along hooks without sounding forced or overly polished.[4]

At the beginning of the song, some sounds of gunshots, explosions and war can be heard, making the beginning of "Straight Out of Line" similar to the way Metallica's hit single "One" begins.

Music video[edit]

Before the release of Faceless, Godsmack filmed a performance-based video for the song in Los Angeles with director Dean Karr. "The song has got good aggression, and the visuals, when the band plays it, look really good," Erna explained to"[5] "Sometimes it's really hard to shove a story within a four-minute video, unless you're a solo artist like Eminem or wherever, because all you have to do is cut back to him once in a while. When there are four guys in a band and you have to try to cover all of them and get a story in, sometimes you don't quite get the story in and it becomes irrelevant."[5]

Grammy awards[edit]

In 2004 the song had Grammy nomination for 'Best Hard Rock Performance'.[6] However, the award went to Evanescence's single, "Bring Me to Life".[7]


"Straight Out of Line" was featured in the video game Prince of Persia: Warrior Within,[8] also being played during a scene in the film A Man Apart, starring Vin Diesel. The song also made an appearance on several compilations including the band greatest hits album, Good Times, Bad Times...Ten Years of Godsmack, MTV2 Headbangers Ball, Total Rock Vol. 3 and Universal Smash Hits Vol. 2.[9]

Chart positions[edit]

Chart (2003) Peak
US Billboard Hot 100 73
US Mainstream Rock Tracks 1
US Modern Rock Tracks 9

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