Snack Brands Australia

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Snack Brands Australia
Industry Food
Founded 2008
Headquarters Bella Vista, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Products Crisps and corn snacks
Owner Snack Foods Limited (a division of Campbells Soup Company)

Snack Brands Australia (SBA) is one of the largest suppliers of snack foods in Australia and acts as the main competitor to the long established The Smith's Snackfood Company, currently a subsidiary of the American company PepsiCo. SBA was formed in August 1998 and is owned by parent company Snack Foods Limited. The company was acquired by Universal Robina (URC Philippines) in 2016.


In 1998, The Smith's Snackfood Company was acquired by Frito-Lay (a subsidiary of PepsiCo). Because these were the two largest producers of salty snack foods in Australia, Frito-Lay agreed with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to divest a range of brands to ensure adequate competition,[1] including

Additionally, several manufacturing facilities were released including plants in South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria. This package was named 'Snack Brands Australia' and was sold to Dollar Sweets Holdings.


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