Sneeze (video game)

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Screenshot of "Sneeze"
Developer(s) Oil Productions / Player 3
Publisher(s) Channel 4 / Wellcome Trust
Release 2009
Mode(s) Single-player

Sneeze is an internet video game first released in 2009 and inspired by the 2009 swine flu outbreak in which the object is to infect as many people as possible in a public place.[1] The places include a train station, a supermarket, a nursery, and more. In all, there are 10 levels.

The game was commissioned by the Wellcome Trust.[2]

The game works by allowing one sneeze at each level.[3] At each level, the player's character is moved to a point of choice on the board in the setting. The player than "sneezes" and "germs" are spread in hopes of infecting as many other people as possible. Even if that sneeze does not infect everyone itself, there is a chance that others may be infected by those who were infected by the initial sneeze. If the player reaches the target (percentage of people who must be affected on that level), s/he is allowed to proceed to the next level.

Later in the year, the game was rebranded as "Stop Swine Flu."[4]


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