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Social Repose
Social Repose.jpg
Richard Mclean Giese

(1990-02-09) February 9, 1990 (age 30)
OccupationSinger, songwriter, YouTuber
Years active2011–present
Musical career
  • Vocals
  • ukulele
  • piano
  • Talent Shoppe
  • Artery Global
YouTube information
Years active2011–present
GenreMusic, comedy, commentary
(July 25, 2020)
Total views214+ million
(December 23, 2018)
YouTube Silver Play Button 2.svg 100,000 subscribers 2015
YouTube Gold Play Button 2.svg 1,000,000 subscribers 2018

Richard Mclean Giese, known professionally as Social Repose, is an American singer, songwriter and YouTube personality.[1][2][3][4]

YouTube channel and artistry[edit]

Richie Giese began his YouTube channel, Social Repose, in April 2011, where he uploaded his original music.[5] He later began posting vlogs,[6] cover songs,[7] comedy sketches[8] and other content.[9] As time progressed, he began posting barbershop-style a cappella covers[10] as well as loop covers[11] and more humorous music content, while still continuing to upload his original music.[12] His other musical content includes videos of him performing songs in other genres,[13][14] making songs from other YouTubers' Tweets[15][16] and singing while inhaling helium.[17][18] Social Repose also uploads reaction videos,[19] which he titles "Goth reacts",[20] and surreal artistic videos.[21][22] His YouTube channel currently has over 1 million subscribers.[23][24][25]

Social Repose performing live

When performing, he wears a distinct outfit that includes mechanical wings, face paint and a headdress that resembles a native American war bonnet.[1][26][27][28][29] He progressively adds new components to his outfit, which he tends to get custom-made. He claims that the outfit is meant to be memorable and garner attention to his music.[30] He likes to describe his style as "alternative".[31]

Musical career[edit]

Prior to 2015, Social Repose made emo electronic and synth-pop music which he released independently through Youtube and Bandcamp.[citation needed]

He began his musical career in 2011 making synth-pop music. He made his first song, "Helium House", while still in film school. The accompanying video is the first upload on his YouTube channel. The song was included on his first album, Paradise. He regards this portion of his career as "cringey".[32]

In 2013, Social Repose started making EDM songs. Reckless Closure was his first EDM album. He released an EP titled Crazy Manic Love, which includes a song of the same name.[33]

Social Repose's debut album, Yalta, was released in 2015. This featured a completely new style, and was a "transitional record" for him. It is considered alternative or indie, and has been compared to the sounds of Owl City and Panic! at the Disco.[34]

Social Repose has collaborated with musician BryanStars on an a capella cover of Bring Me the Horizon's "Follow You".[35]

Social Repose released a song called "Filthy Pride" in 2016 as a single before it was included on his EP, Empress. He wrote the rest of the EP around this song, because he felt like its theme needed to be expanded on. He intended Empress to have the same dark, atmospheric sound as Yalta. He released a music video for his song "Villain", which served as the second track on the EP.[36]

Social Repose embarked on the Empress Tour, spanning the southern and mid-west United States. Hotel Books and the Funeral Portrait served as support. The tour then went overseas to the United Kingdom and Europe, with One-Eyed Doll.

In 2018, Social Repose's cover of "You Should See Me in a Crown" was featured on Glamour magazine's YouTube channel, where it was watched by Billie Eilish.[37] She complimented him on his talent and described the video as "impressive".[38]

Social Repose's album Calamity was released on March 26, 2020.[39]


Albums and EPs[edit]

  • Paradise (2011)
  • More of the Same (2011)
  • The Modern Age (2012)
  • The Machine That Learned How to Love (2012)
  • Reckless Closure (2013)
  • Crazy Manic Love (2014)
  • Just Let Me Go (2014)
  • Covers (2015)
  • Yalta (2015)
  • Empress (2017)
  • Calamity (2020)



  • The Yalta Tour (2016)[40]
  • The Empress Tour (2017–2018)[41]
  • The Twenty-Ninescene Tour (2019)[42]



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