Socket C32

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Socket C32
Supermicro dual opteron server board cpu socket IMGP7338 wp.jpg
Chip form factorsFlip-chip land grid array
FSB protocolTwo HyperTransport 3.1 links operating 6.40 GT/s or two HT 1.1 links operating at 800 MHz
ProcessorsAMD Opteron 4000 series
PredecessorSocket F
SuccessorSocket SP3

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The AMD Socket C32 is the server processor socket for AMD's current single-CPU and dual-CPU Opteron 4000 series CPUs. It is the successor to Socket AM3 for single-CPU servers and the successor for Socket F for lower-end dual-CPU servers (High-end dual-CPU servers will use Socket G34). Socket C32 supports two DDR3 SDRAM channels. It is based on the Socket F and uses a similar 1207-land LGA socket but is not physically or electrically compatible with Socket F due to the use of DDR3 SDRAM instead of the DDR2 SDRAM that Socket F platforms use.

Socket C32 was launched June 23, 2010 as part of the San Marino platform with the four and six-core Opteron 4100 "Lisbon" processors.

Socket C32 also supports the Bulldozer-based six- and eight-core "Valencia" Opterons introduced in November 2011.


Like Socket G34, it also uses the AMD SR5690, SR5670, and SR5650 chipsets. Socket C32 is also being used in the ultra-low-power Adelaide platform with the SR5650 chipset and HT1 interconnects instead of HT3.1.

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