Sogozha River

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Map of the Rybinsk Reservoir basin. The Sogozha is shown on the map.
The Sogozha and the Soga now jointly form a wide bay of the Rybinsk reservoir at Poshekhonye

Sogozha (Russian: Сого́жа) is a river in Vologda and Yaroslavl Oblasts in Russia. It is 125 kilometres (78 mi) long, with a drainage basin of 2,950 square kilometres (1,140 sq mi).

The river terminates in the Rybinsk Reservoir of the Volga River. Before the construction of the Rybinsk Reservoir the Sogozha was a tributary of the Sheksna River.

The town of Poshekhonye is situated on the left (southern) bank of the Sogozha. Historically, the river received two left tributaries, the Soga (from the east) and the Pertomka (from the south) within the city limits. Due to the water level rise caused by the Rybinsk Reservoir, the Sogozha and the Soga now form a wide bay at their joint entering of the reservoir.