Sonja Bernhardt

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Sonja Bernhardt
Sonja Bernhardt at WITI 2005.jpg
Sonja Bernhardt presenting at WITI
(Silicon Valley, 2005)
Born Sonja Bernhardt
1959 (age 57–58)
Launceston, Tasmania
Residence Queensland
Nationality Australian
Occupation Project Manager
Employer ThoughtWare Australia
Known for Leadership in Australian and international promotion of women in IT especially the under-representation of women in technology
Title CEO
Spouse(s) Robin Craig
Children Naomi (1982), Tom (1984) and Kira (2003)
Website ThoughtWare Australia

Sonja Bernhardt OAM is an Australian information technology industry identity extensively involved in mentoring and role model programs for women in IT.[1] She was founder and Inaugural President of WiT (Women in Technology) in Queensland in 1997[2] and co founder and Inaugural President of AWISE (Australian Women in IT, Science and Engineering) in 2005,[3] not for profit industry groups that run community based projects and programs specifically to encourage women and girls into technology careers. In addition, Bernhardt is responsible for a number of initiatives to raise the profile of women in technology and break perceptions of technology careers as "nerdy" or "male", such as the 2007 Screen Goddess IT Calendar, IT's Million $ Babes Awards and Doing IT Around the World.[4]


Sonja Bernhardt (born 1959 in Launceston, Tasmania[5]) was employed as a consultant by Mincom Limited[6] prior to February 1999 when she established her own software development firm – ThoughtWare Australia. Bernhardt was the first Australian inducted into the WITI (Women in Technology International) Hall of Fame (2005)[7][8] and was awarded an Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for service to the IT community in 2011.[9]

Community projects
Bernhardt is active in the area of supporting women in IT especially addressing the under-representation of women in technology, and towards these goals both founded WiT[2] in Queensland and co-founded AWISE,[3] a national Australia umbrella group. Through AWISE[10] and WiT Bernhardt has been involved in many girl and women in technology perception altering, awareness raising, mentoring and role model projects. For example, Go Girl - Go For IT[11] and the Board Readiness Program.[12] Bernhardt herself has been featured as a female role model by both the Queensland Government[13] and Australian Government.[14]

In addition Bernhardt initiated voluntary community projects including the controversial "Screen Goddess IT Calendar", which featured 20 female role models in poses inspired by famous movies,[15] “IT’s Million $ Babes Award” recognising successful Australian female entrepreneurs,[16] and “Doing IT Around the World”, a diary and series of e-booklets featuring the work and lives of 36 women in technology covering all continents around the world on 11 August (chosen as the date Hedy Lamarr was awarded the spread spectrum patent) 2008.[17]

Volunteer positions

Bernhardt has held several positions in the women and technology and IT policy community,[18] including:

  • 2010 Technical committee invited member of the ACIITC (Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council)
  • 2009 Foundation Member of ACIVA (Aged Care IT Vendors Association)
  • 2008 Regional Coordinator for the Asia Pacific Centre for Women and Technology (1 of 10 regional centres forming a global hub for Women and technology)
  • 2007 Member of APEC Digital Forum committee (role is to seek solutions for APEC economies re: Building a sustainable e-future
  • 2007 Appointed to the UN supported International Taskforce for Women and ICT’s (vision is to promote communication and information exchange; increase sharing of research, knowledge, and resources; develop a series of collaborative activities; and promote recommendations for policy and programming – globally)
  • 2004-2005 Member of Federal ICT Summit Advisory Group[19] - this group reported directly to the national Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts
  • 2003-2005 Appointed to Australian Government's Business Higher Education Round Table (B-HERT) - science & technology careers taskforce
  • 1998-2004 Appointed[20] to the Queensland Government ICT Ministerial Advisory Group – Industry Development[21] – this group reported directly to the Minister and provided IT policy advice.

Awards and recognition
Bernhardt's volunteer work in IT especially for increasing the career takeup and profile of women in technology has been recognised by:

Bernhardt's publications include:


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