Sons and Daughters of Jewish Deportees from France

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The Sons and Daughters of Jewish Deportees from France is a French association of descendants of Jews deported from France during the Nazi German occupation of France (1940–1944), during the Holocaust. Serge Klarsfeld founded this organization in 1979 and continues to serve as president of the organization. He is an expert historian on the fate of Jews in France during World War II.

As a lawyer at the Court of Appeal of Paris and as author of a dozen books on the fate of French Jews during World War II, Mr. Klarsfeld has taken an active role in bringing Nazi and Vichy officials to trial for the crimes they committed in France during the war. Mr. Klarsfeld was arrested in Germany and Syria while trying to get Nazi criminal Alois Brunner extradited to France.[1]

It publishes the Bulletin de liaison des Fils et Filles des Deportes Juifs de France (Liasiaon's Bulletin of the Sons and Daughters of Jewish Deportees from France). It researches the cases of French and German Holocaust survivors.

The organization in 1981 inaugurated a memorial in Israel of deported French Jews which bears the name, date and place of birth of 80,000 French victims of the Nazi extermination. About 80,000 trees form a forest of remembrance. During a reading of the names of deported French Jews at the Paris Shoah Memorial, Serge Klarsfeld stated, “We are refusing to allow the victims to remain anonymous.” [2]


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