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In Hindu mythology, Soorapadam (also known as Soorapadman), was an asura. He was the son of the rishi Kashyapa and an asura princess, Maya, who illusively enchanted Kashyapa into marrying her.

He, and his two other brothers, were said to have received a boon from Lord Shiva that protected him from death in the hands of beings apart from a Being that came from Lord Shiva Himself. This, he believed would grant him immortality. As such, he began tormenting all the good souls of the universe.

Enraged with his actions, Lord Siva is said to have created Lord Muruga (thus creating a new deity, who would be exempt from the boon) from the flames emanating from his Third Eye on his forehead (symbolizing the eye of wisdom). Receiving the vel (lance) from Lord Siva's consort, Parvathi, Lord Muruga set forward to defeat Soorapadman.

The vanquishing of Soorapadman[edit]

On the fifth day of Kandha Sasthi, Soorapadman, comes to see Lord Muruga and is shown the Vishwaroopam. Only Soorapadman and Arjuna from the Mahabharata have seen a Vishwaroopam and are considered to be very lucky to have witnessed one. Having conceded defeat at the hands of Muruga, Soorapadman remembered that he was of the Asura clan, and as such he would not surrender. As such he faced the son of Shiva nonetheless in battle and was defeated. As a last stand when all his illusions had failed him, Soorapadman became a mango tree in hope of escaping death at the hands of young Lord Kandha. His illusion was brought to light, when with the Sri Vel, Lord Muruga split the tree in two. One half became the peacock, that is Lord Muruga's vahanam (vehicle) the other half became the cockerel that is on the Lord's flag.

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