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Image of Daitya army

In Hinduism, the Daityas (Sanskrit: दैत्य) are a clan or race of Asura along with the Dānavas.

They were the children of Diti and the sage Kashyapa. The Devas were their half-brothers with whom they fought against as a result of their jealousy. The Manusmṛti classifies the Daityas as good, while placing them at a lower level than the Devas:

Tāpasā yatayo viprā ye ca vaimānikā gaṇāḥ Nakṣatrāṇi ca daityāśca prathamā sāttvikī gatiḥ

Ascetics and hermits, Brāhmaṇas, celestial beings,[note 1] lunar asterisms, and Daityas represent the first state partaking of ‘Sattva.’

— Manusmṛti 12.48[1]

List of Daityas[edit]

Some of the notable Daityas mentioned in Indian mythology include:

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  1. ^ "Vaimānikā gaṇa" literally refers to those who ride in Vimanas, generally referring to the gods.

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