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Sotin is located in Croatia
Location of Sotin in Croatia
Sotin map

Sotin is a village in eastern Croatia, located a few kilometers southeast of Vukovar by the Danube. It is administratively part of the city of Vukovar, and its population is 782 (census 2011).[1] The post code for Sotin is 32232 Sotin.

During the Croatian War of Independence, 32 residents of Sotin were killed and another 32 are missing as of 2013. A mass grave containing three bodies was discovered near the village through information obtained by Serbian authorities conducting a criminal inquest of war crimes—killing of 16 Croatian civilians in Sotin—committed by the Croatian Serb militia and Territorial Defense Forces in late 1991.[2] In April 2013, the second mass grave was found in the village. It contained ten bodies transferred from the mass grave containing the three other bodies to a village slaughterhouse pit where animal bones were disposed of at the time. The move was made in 1997 in order to hide the bodies better. All thirteen, whose remains were found in the two graves, were killed on 26 December 1991.[3][4] Two other mass graves were found previously, one at the Catholic graveyard in the village and the other in nearby vineyards.[5]


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Coordinates: 45°17′42″N 19°05′49″E / 45.295°N 19.097°E / 45.295; 19.097