South Tyrolean Homeland Federation

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South Tyrolean Homeland Federation
Leader Roland Lang
Founded 9. February 1974
Dissolved 1989
Merged into Union for South Tyrol
Ideology German minority politics, Separatism

The South Tyrolean Homeland Federation (German: Südtiroler Heimatbund, SHB) was a political party active in South Tyrol.

It was launched in 1983 as Election Association of Homeland Federation (Wahlverband des Heimatbundes, Heimatbund) and won 4.2% in the 1983 general election and 2.6% in the 1983 provincial election, enough for granting Eva Klotz a seat in the Provincial Council. In 1988 the party obtained 2.3% and Klotz was re-elected to the Council. In 1989 the party merged with the Freedom Party of South Tyrol of Gerold Meraner (1.4% in 1988) and conservative splinters from the South Tyrolean People's Party led by Alfons Benedikter to form Union for South Tyrol.[1][2]


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