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Rabindra Sarobar view & Southern Avenue skyline

Southern Avenue, now renamed Dr Meghnad Saha Sarani, is an avenue in south Kolkata connecting Gol Park with Kalighat. It falls under the Ballygunge area. It is a 3-kilometre-long (1.9 mi) road with a centre boulevard that runs east to west from Gariahat Road on the east to Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Road on the west touching Sarat Bose Road (near Lake Stadium) on its way.


Rabindra Sarobar, earlier called Dhakuria Lake/Ballygunge Lake, an artificial lake, is on Southern Avenue. It comprises areas leased to several rowing clubs and cricket academies, a Safari garden, a virtually defunct children's park and play center (Lily Pool) an open-air theater Nazrul Manch, swimming pool training centres, etc. Many prominent Roads either originate from or merge into Southern Avenue on its course either to its north or south, namely Keyatala Road, Jatin Bagchi Road, Lake Road, Lake View Road, Sarat Chatterjee Avenue, Lake Avenue, Lake Place, S R Das Road & Janak Road. Southern Avenue is dotted with beautiful private bungalows and several high rise apartments like 'Dakshinayan', 'Green View', 'Abhisarika', 'Ananda', 'Ashoka', 'Avenue House', 'Sarobar', 'Lake Towers', 'Arihant Garden' and the upcoming 'Fort Legend', to name a few.


Birla Academy of Art & Culture
  • Rabindra Sarobar or Dhakuria Lake; an artificial lake created when the area south of Kalighat was drained and new streets laid out by Calcutta Municipal Development Authority (CMDA).
  • Birla Academy of Art and Culture
  • Ramakrishna Mission Institution of Culture, Gol Park
  • Lake Kalibari
  • Indian Life Saving Society (ILSS), Kolkata, formerly called Anderson Club.
  • Nazrul Manch, Kolkata
  • Vivekananda Park
  • Calcutta Rowing Club
  • Bengal Rowing Club
  • Lake Stadium
  • AMRI Medical Centre
  • Maruti Suzuki showroom "Auto Hitech"
  • Medinova Diagnostic Centre
  • Southern Plaza Hotel
  • Menoka Cinema (on Sarat Chatterjee Avenue)
  • Southern Avenue swimming club
  • Nava Nalanda High School
  • NG Medicare
  • Vibes

One of the important places on the avenue is the Birla Academy of Art and Culture Museum which was established in 1966. Collections include paintings of the medieval period as well as modern art and some archaeological specimens. The Museum holds regular exhibitions of modern Indian sculptors and painters. One of the restaurants that is near to the Southern Avenue is the Wrong Place (Spelt at times as 'Xrong Place').


  • The Grub Club Telephone:
  • China Bowl
  • Indithalia
  • The French Loaf (on Jatin Bagchi Road)
  • Marco Polo
  • Mandarin
  • Tandoor House
  • Oceania (Hotel Southern Plaza)
  • The Silver Oak
  • Casa Toscana (on Sarat Chatterjee Avenue)
  • The Funjabi Tadka
  • Crave Foodworks
  • Garden Cafe
  • Azad Hind Dhaba


Coordinates: 22°30′44″N 88°21′22″E / 22.512270°N 88.356031°E / 22.512270; 88.356031