Czech Sovereignty

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Czech Sovereignty
Česká suverenita
Leader Jana Volfová
Founded January 2011
Ideology Nationalism
Political position Centre-left to right-wing
Chamber of Deputies
0 / 200
0 / 81
European Parliament
0 / 22

Czech Sovereignty (Czech: Česká suverenita), formerly Sovereignty – Jana Bobošíková Bloc (Czech: SUVERENITA - blok Jany Bobošíkové) is a small Czech political party.


It was formed after the break-up of the electoral alliance Suverenita – blok Jany Bobošíkové, strana zdravého rozumu between the Party of Healthy Sense (strana zdravého rozumu) and Politika 21 (led by Jana Bobošíková, the conservative and Eurosceptic former MEP).

It was formed in 2011 in Prague.[1] Since January 2014 its leader is the former ČSSD MP Jana Volfová.

History of the electoral alliance Suverenita – blok Jany Bobošíkové, strana zdravého rozumu[edit]

The Party of Healthy Sense took part in the 2002 election to the Chamber of Deputies three months after its foundation, but won only 0.2% of the vote. This increased to 0.5% of the vote in 2006 election.

The alliance ran in the 2009 European election under the name 'Sovereignty' and led by Bobošíková, an MEP elected in 2004 for the Independent Democrats. The list came fifth, winning 4.3% of the vote: just short of the 5% threshold for representation. Sovereignty took part in the 2010 election, and won 3.8% of the vote, falling short of parliamentary representation once again.

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