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"Soy Rebelde"
Single by Jeanette
from the album Palabras, Promesas
B-side Oye mama, oye papa
Released 1971 (1971)
Format 7", 12"
Recorded 1970, Barcelona, Spain
Length 3:12
Label Hispavox
Writer(s) Manuel Alejandro,
Ana Magdalena
Producer(s) Rafael Trabucchelli
Jeanette singles chronology
- "Soy Rebelde"
"Estoy triste"

"Soy Rebelde" (English: "I Am a Rebel"), also known as "Yo Soy Rebelde", is a Spanish pop ballad written by Manuel Alejandro and Ana Magdalena. It was released by British-born singer Jeanette in 1971, and was her debut solo single. It has been re-recorded by Jeanette in English, French, and Japanese, and has inspired cover versions in diverse genres from flamenco to punk rock and rap.


Following the dissolution of her former band Pic-Nic in 1969, Jeanette remained with the Hispavox label and moved to Barcelona the next year. Songwriter Manuel Alejandro wrote the song for a Mexican singer, Sola, but offered it to Jeanette, who is half Spanish. Jeanette originally did not like the song; in an interview posted in Cha Cha Charming magazine, Jeanette said, "My style of music was folk music . . . but Hispavox wanted me to sing this romantic music that I could not relate to." They recorded the song that summer.[1]

Music and Lyrics[edit]

The song begins with a combination of piano and violin. The lyrics describe a solitary person, relating a life marked by pain, and focusing on a search for happiness, friendship and love.[citation needed] Jeanette's voice was an angelic whisper; Alejandro remarked it was "the tiniest voice I have ever heard", and that it would have been just another Mexican song if she did not sing it.[1] Accompanying the song is an orchestra led by Waldo de los Rios. The song was produced by Rafael Trabucchelli.[2]


When "Soy Rebelde" was released, the record label misspelled her name (Janette) as "Jeanette", but after the single became a "runaway hit", the label decided to retain the latter spelling as her stage name.[3] The single was played in Spain, but also extended to other countries, including: France, Belgium, England, Mexico, Italy, Argentina, and Venezuela.[1] The B-side was "Oye Mama, Oya Papa" (Listen Mama, Listen Papa).[4]

In May 1972, Jeanette released the single in Japan as "Soy Rebelde (あまのじゃく Amanojaku)", under Nippon Columbia records. She sang it in Japanese; the lyrics and arrangement were done by J. Hamada, with Waldo de Los Rios and his orchestra providing supporting music. The B-side was still the Spanish version of "Oye Mama, Oye Papa (オイェ・ママ、オイェ・パパ Oie Mama Oie Papa)".[4]

In 1976, Jeanette released the album Porque te vas, which consisted of French versions of her singles. "Soy Rebelde" became "L'inconnu Qui M'aimera" (The Stranger Who Loves Me).[3][5] She also released the song as a B-side to her single Je suis triste.[6]

Jeanette's English version, "I Am a Rebel", was released in the United Kingdom as a B-side to her Spanish single.[7]


“Soy rebelde” charted well in Spain, and had regular airplay in 1971.[1]

Track listing[edit]

Spanish version[edit]

The Spanish version was released in 1971 by Hispavox, catalog #: HS-764.[2]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Soy Rebelde" M. Alejandro 3:12
2. "Oye Mama, Oye Papa" M. Alejandro 3:22

Japanese version[edit]

The Japanese version was released in May 1972 by Nippon Columbia, catalog #: LL-2543-H[4]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Soy Rebelde (あまのじゃく Amanojaku)" (sung in Japanese) J. Hamada 3:12
2. "Oye Mama Oye Papa (オイェ・ママ、オイェ・パパ Oie Mama Oie Papa, Listen Mama, Listen Papa)" (sung in Spanish) M. Alejandro 3:22

French version[edit]

The French version was released as a B-side to the single, "Je suis triste", Hispavox catalog #: 2022 014[6]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Je suis triste" (sung in French) M. Alejandro 3:58
2. "L'inconnu qui m'aimera" (sung in French) M. Alejandro 3:12

English version[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Yo Soy Rebelde" M. Alejandro 3:12
2. "I Am a Rebel" (sung in English) M. Alejandro/ S. LeBrocq 3:12


"Soy Rebelde" has inspired cover versions and renditions:

  • In 1978, the Brazilian singer Lilian Knapp recorded a Portuguese version of the song titled "Sou Rebelde" (on the B-side, another version of a Jeanette song, "Porque te vas").[8]
  • In 1997, Albert Pla, a Catalan singer-songwriter, sang "Soy Rebelde", and released it on his album Veintegenarios En Alburquerque.[9][10] It was also presented in the film Airbag as "Yo Soy Rebelde".[11]
  • In 1998, Argentine group Attaque 77 released their album Otras Canciones, containing a punk rock version of "Soy Rebelde".[12] It was also featured on their live album, Trapos.[13]
  • In 2007, Fernando Caro sang "Soy Rebelde" on his debut album Rebelde.[14] Spanish flamenco singer Pastora Soler also sang "Soy Rebelde" as a duet with India Martinez.[15]
  • In 2008, French singer Nathalie Cardone did a version of "Soy Rebelde" that features a guitar for the background music.[16][17]
  • In 2009, Rosario Flores covered "Soy Rebelde" on her Spanish pop songs from the 1970s album, Cuéntame.[18] Mariano Prunes of Allmusic remarked that Flores's version is one of her best.[19] Flores also released a video clip of the song.[20]
  • In May 2012, rap music group Rebel Diaz sang "Soy Rebelde" from its album Radical Dilemma. Its version's message is "that struggle against the status quo has a history that needs to be continued." It samples Jeanette's version, calling hers "a late 60s Spanish pop ballad."[21]


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