List of Sphingidae species

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This is a species list for the family Sphingidae of moths (Lepidoptera), commonly known as hawk-moths. This list contains all known species of Sphingidae in order of subfamily. There should be about 1,288 species listed. There are three subfamilies:

  1. Subfamily Macroglossinae
  2. Subfamily Smerinthinae
  3. Subfamily Sphinginae

The species list is given below.


Subfamily Macroglossinae[edit]

Genus Acosmerycoides[edit]

Genus Acosmeryx[edit]

Genus Aellopos[edit]

Genus Aleuron[edit]

Genus Ampelophaga[edit]

Genus Amphion[edit]

Genus Angonyx[edit]

Genus Antinephele[edit]

Genus Atemnora[edit]

Genus Baniwa[edit]

Genus Barbourion[edit]

Genus Basiothia[edit]

Genus Callionima[edit]

Genus Cautethia[edit]

Genus Cechenena[edit]

Genus Centroctena[edit]

Genus Cephonodes[edit]

Genus Chaerocina[edit]

Genus Cizara[edit]

Genus Clarina[edit]

Genus Dahira[edit]

Genus Daphnis[edit]

Genus Darapsa[edit]

Genus Deidamia[edit]

Genus Deilephila[edit]

Genus Elibia[edit]

Genus Enpinanga[edit]

Genus Enyo[edit]

Genus Erinnyis[edit]

Genus Euchloron[edit]

Genus Eumorpha[edit]

Genus Eupanacra[edit]

Genus Euproserpinus[edit]

Genus Eupyrrhoglossum[edit]

Genus Eurypteryx[edit]

Genus Giganteopalpus[edit]

Genus Gnathothlibus[edit]

Genus Griseosphinx[edit]

Genus Hayesiana[edit]

Genus Hemaris[edit]

Genus Hemeroplanes[edit]

Genus Himantoides[edit]

Genus Hippotion[edit]

Genus Hyles[edit]

Genus Hypaedalea[edit]

Genus Isognathus[edit]

Genus Kloneus[edit]

Genus Leucostrophus[edit]

Genus Maassenia[edit]

Genus Macroglossum[edit]

Genus Madoryx[edit]

Genus Micracosmeryx[edit]

Genus Microsphinx[edit]

Genus Neogurelca[edit]

Genus Nephele[edit]

Genus Nyceryx[edit]

Genus Odontosida[edit]

Genus Oryba[edit]

Genus Pachygonidia[edit]

Genus Pachylia[edit]

Genus Pachylioides[edit]

Genus Pergesa[edit]

Genus Perigonia[edit]

Genus Phanoxyla[edit]

Genus Philodila[edit]

Genus Phryxus[edit]

Genus Proserpinus[edit]

Genus Protaleuron[edit]

Genus Pseudenyo[edit]

Genus Pseudosphinx[edit]

Genus Rethera[edit]

Genus Rhagastis[edit]

Genus Rhodafra[edit]

Genus Sphecodina[edit]

Genus Sphingonaepiopsis[edit]

Genus Stolidoptera[edit]

Genus Temnora[edit]

Genus Temnoripais[edit]

Genus Theretra[edit]

Genus Tinostoma[edit]

Genus Unzela[edit]

Genus Xylophanes[edit]

Subfamily Smerinthinae[edit]

Genus Acanthosphinx[edit]

Genus Adhemarius[edit]

Genus Afroclanis[edit]

Genus Afrosataspes[edit]

Genus Afrosphinx[edit]

Genus Agnosia[edit]

Genus Akbesia[edit]

Genus Ambulyx[edit]

Genus Amorpha[edit]

Genus Amplypterus[edit]

Genus Anambulyx[edit]

Genus Andriasa[edit]

Genus Avinoffia[edit]

Genus Batocnema[edit]

Genus Callambulyx[edit]

Genus Ceridia[edit]

Genus Chloroclanis[edit]

Genus Clanidopsis[edit]

Genus Clanis[edit]

Genus Coenotes[edit]

Genus Coequosa[edit]

Genus Compsulyx[edit]

Genus Craspedortha[edit]

Genus Cypa[edit]

Genus Cypoides[edit]

Genus Daphnusa[edit]

Genus Degmaptera[edit]

Genus Dolbina[edit]

Genus Falcatula[edit]

Genus Grillotius[edit]

Genus Gynoeryx[edit]

Genus Hopliocnema[edit]

Genus Kentrochrysalis[edit]

Genus Langia[edit]

Genus Laothoe[edit]

Genus Leptoclanis[edit]

Genus Leucophlebia[edit]

Genus Likoma[edit]

Genus Lophostethus[edit]

Genus Lycosphingia[edit]

Genus Malgassoclanis[edit]

Genus Marumba[edit]

Genus Microclanis[edit]

Genus Mimas[edit]

Genus Monarda[edit]

Genus Neoclanis[edit]

Genus Neopolyptychus[edit]

Genus Opistoclanis[edit]

Genus Orecta[edit]

Genus Pachysphinx[edit]

Genus Paonias[edit]

Genus Parum[edit]

Genus Pentateucha[edit]

Genus Phyllosphingia[edit]

Genus Phylloxiphia[edit]

Genus Platysphinx[edit]

Genus Poliodes[edit]

Genus Polyptychoides[edit]

Genus Polyptychopsis[edit]

Genus Polyptychus[edit]

Genus Protambulyx[edit]

Genus Pseudandriasa[edit]

Genus Pseudoclanis[edit]

Genus Pseudopolyptychus[edit]

Genus Rhadinopasa[edit]

Genus Rhodambulyx[edit]

Genus Rhodoprasina[edit]

Genus Rufoclanis[edit]

Genus Sataspes[edit]

Genus Smerinthulus[edit]

Genus Smerinthus[edit]

Genus Sphingulus[edit]

Genus Synoecha[edit]

Genus Tetrachroa[edit]

Genus Trogolegnum[edit]

Genus Viriclanis[edit]

Genus Xenosphingia[edit]

Subfamily Sphinginae[edit]

Genus Acherontia (Death's head moth)[edit]

Genus Adhemarius[edit]

Genus Agrius[edit]

Genus Amphimoea[edit]

Genus Apocalypsis[edit]

Genus Callosphingia[edit]

Genus Ceratomia[edit]

Genus Cocytius[edit]

Genus Coelonia[edit]

Genus Dolba[edit]

Genus Dolbogene[edit]

Genus Dovania[edit]

Genus Ellenbeckia[edit]

Genus Euryglottis[edit]

Genus Hoplistopus[edit]

Genus Isoparce[edit]

Genus Lapara[edit]

Genus Leucomonia[edit]

Genus Lintneria[edit]

Genus Litosphingia[edit]

Genus Lomocyma[edit]

Genus Macropoliana[edit]

Genus Manduca[edit]

Genus Megacorma[edit]

Genus Meganoton[edit]

Genus Nannoparce[edit]

Genus Neococytius[edit]

Genus Neogene[edit]

Genus Oligographa[edit]

Genus Panogena[edit]

Genus Pantophaea[edit]

Genus Paratrea[edit]

Genus Poliana[edit]

Genus Praedora[edit]

Genus Pseudodolbina[edit]

Genus Psilogramma[edit]

Genus Sagenosoma[edit]

Genus Sphingidites[edit]

Genus Sphinx[edit]

Genus Thamnoecha[edit]

Genus Xanthopan[edit]


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