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A table-top spiral vegetable slicer in use
Zucchini noodles prepared with a spiral slicer

Spiral vegetable slicers (also known as spiralizers) are kitchen appliances used for cutting vegetables, such as zucchinis, potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, apples, parsnips, and beetroots, into linguine-like strands which can be used as an alternative to pasta.[1][2]


According to Good Housekeeping and US News, spiralizers were a hot trending item as of September 2014.[3][4] The LA Times stated that spiralizers became popular in the spring of 2014.[5] Spiralizers are especially popular among people following the Paleo diet, other low-carb diets, and raw vegans.[6][7][8]


Spiralizers usually contain three blades: a round blade for spaghetti, a small flat blade for ribbons, and a large wide blade for spiral strands.[9][10] Vegetables are clamped between the blade and crank. As the handle turns with a bit of pressure, the vegetable is pressed between the turning handle and the blade, which cuts it into spirals.[11]


Spiralizers are often used to produce vegan or vegetarian meals or to make a lower-calorie or lower-carbohydrate version of a standard dish. In the case of potatoes, they can be used to make curly fries.

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