Sprayberry High School

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Sprayberry High School
The school's official mascot.
2525 Sandy Plains Road
Marietta, Georgia
Coordinates 34°00′43″N 84°29′49″W / 34.012°N 84.497°W / 34.012; -84.497Coordinates: 34°00′43″N 84°29′49″W / 34.012°N 84.497°W / 34.012; -84.497
Type Public high school
Established 1952
School district Cobb County School District
Principal Joseph Sharp
Grades 9–12
Enrollment Approximately 1800
Campus Suburban
Mascot Yellow Jacket
Newspaper The Stinger
Yearbook ECHO
Front entrance to Sprayberry High School

Sprayberry High School is a public high school located in eastern Cobb County in Marietta, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, is a comprehensive senior high school (grades 9-12) of approximately 1700. The school opened in 1952 at a location on Cobb Parkway and then moved to its current location at 2525 Sandy Plains Road in 1973. Sprayberry High School is a microcosm of Cobb County in that it serves students from a variety of ethnic groups, socio-economic levels, and academic abilities.[1] Middle schools feeding upcoming students into Sprayberry are McCleskey, Daniell, and Simpson Middle School. The school mascot is the Yellow Jacket.


Sprayberry was founded the day after Labor Day in 1952 in Marietta, GA. The high school was originally founded in the building now occupied by The Walker School (a private school), on Cobb Parkway (U.S. 41) at the north corner of Allgood Road. Sprayberry is now located on the west corner of Sandy Plains Road at Piedmont Road. Since then, the area historically known as Sandy Plains has now come to be known as Sprayberry, stretching somewhat northeast from the intersection to Post Oak Tritt Road, and to the Sprayberry post office at Ebenezer Road.[2]


Sprayberry High School is known for its academics and programs in the arts and has been named a National School of Excellence and Georgia School of Excellence twice, an accomplishment made by only two other schools. It has also been recognized by Newsweek Magazine and the Washington Post as one of the Top 5% of High Schools in the Nation 5 years in a row. The school's SAT and ACT scores have remained well above the national average, with students continuously achieving above state average scores in all GHSGT subject areas. Georgia High School Graduation Test scores in the 2010-2011 school year were the highest in school history. Sprayberry has met AYP for the past 8 years, and since 2005, Sprayberry has been a Demonstration level Advanced Placement Certified School with over 20 Advanced Placement courses.[3]


Sprayberry High School's football stadium (Jim Frazier Stadium) was used for part of the movie Remember the Titans.[4]


  • Band of Gold (website)
  • Orchestra
  • Chorus

Sprayberry High School's Marching "Band of Gold" has been awarded hundreds of championship trophies and has been named one of the "Best High School Marching Bands in the Country" along with being named one of the top 20 bands by "Band Director Magazine" in 2000. Sprayberry continues to be rated among the top marching band programs in the country. The Band of Gold won its first Grand Championship Trophy in 1976 and has achieved over 300 First Place and Grand Championship Awards since then. They have performed on nation television in the Rose Bowl, Cotton Bowl Classic, Citrus Bowl, Gator Bowl, Peach Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, and the 2011 Cherry Blossom Parade in Washington DC.[5] Sprayberry High School's band program has also hosted the Southern Invatational Music Festival for the past 30 years on the third Saturday in October. Marching bands from all across the Southeast are able to compete and perform while Sprayberry performs in exhibition.[6]

Clubs & Organizations[edit]


  • Sprayberry's Vox Humana (website)

Notable alumni[edit]


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