Sri Vijayendra Mutt

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Sri Vijayendra Mutt is a Madhva Matha located in the town of Kumbakonam, India. It was founded by Vijayendra Tirtha or Vijayendra Swamigal, the guru of the Madhva saint Raghavendra Swami. Sri Raghavendra served as pontiff of the mutt in his early days. The samadhi of Vijayendra Swamigal is located in Kumbakonam vijayendra swamigal performed many miracles and his greatness spread like spread of light from sun even each and every common man in Tamil nadu near by Kumbakonam knows vijayendra swamigal .Sri Raghavendra swami was the last pontiff and later new mutt name Sri Raghavendra Mutt formed as a succession to Sri Vijayendra Mutt.