St. Nicholas' Church, Moscopole

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St. Nicholas' Church, Moscopole
Native names
Albanian: Kisha e Shën Kollit
Greek: Ναός Αγίου Νικολάου
Voskopoja (3).jpg
Location Moscopole
Coordinates 40°37′54″N 20°35′22″E / 40.63155°N 20.58939°E / 40.63155; 20.58939Coordinates: 40°37′54″N 20°35′22″E / 40.63155°N 20.58939°E / 40.63155; 20.58939

St. Nicholas' Church (Albanian: Kisha e Shën Kollit, Greek: Ναός Αγίου Νικολάου) is an Orthodox church in Moscopole, Albania. The church was erected in 1721.[1]

It is a Cultural Monument of Albania.[2]

Decorated exonarthex of St. Nicholas' Church


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