St Paul's High School, Hyderabad

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St. Paul's High School
Hyderabad, TS
Type Private School
Motto Truth is Light
Established 1954
Principal Rev. Bro. Rayappa Reddy
Enrollment 3000+
Number of students K - 10
Color(s) Green and yellow

St. Paul's High School is a private, co-educational K–12 school[citation needed] in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. It was established in 1954.


In 1954, All Saints High School, Hyderabad celebrated the completion of 100 years of education.[citation needed] Rev. Bro. John of God, the Rector of the school, decided to start a new school. A building was hired at King Koti Road, Hyderabad to accommodate the new St. Paul's High School, named after Bro. John of God's favourite saint.

Some of the best students of All Saints'[citation needed] along with a few teachers from nursery to seventh class were sent to the school, under the stewardship of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. At its inception it was an all-boys middle school, working as a branch of All Saints' High School. In 1955, it was shifted to the present premises at Hyderguda, Hyderabad.[citation needed] In 1958, St. Paul's High School was made autonomous[citation needed] and Rev. Bro. Stanislaus was appointed the Principal.[citation needed] By then the school had one section each from nursery to class 7, with 300 students.[citation needed]


Though the school is a Catholic minority institution, its admission is open to all students irrespective of caste, creed, religion or gender. For admission into Kindergarten, the school follows a joint admission policy together with Little Flower High School Hyderabad and All Saints High School, Hyderabad, both of which also run by the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel.

Every year in January, one of the three schools conducts the admissions procedure for Kindergarten. It involves an interview of both the student and the parents. The number of students who apply for admission far exceeds the number of positions available and hence it is a very competitive process. Students are allowed to state their choice among the three schools but their choice is not guaranteed. A twenty-percent quota is generally reserved for economically backward students.

Admission to all other classes is done by the school itself on merit basis. Students who not only have a strong academic standing but also display talent in sports, literary or cultural activities are given priority in admission.


The school has over 80 teachers and supporting staff.


The school has four academic divisions- Pre-primary, Primary, Middle and Senior.

The pre-primary division has four sections each of lower and upper Kindergarten. The primary division has four sections each of Classes I to IV (Class IV is equivalent to the Fourth Grade as it is called in the USA, Canada and some other parts of the world. Note that the word "Class" is used instead of "Grade" and the year is written in Roman Numeral). The pre-primary and primary divisions are housed in one building, commonly called the "Primary Building".

The Middle school has four sections each of Classes V to VII and the High School has four sections each of Classes VIII to X. Both the Middle school and High School are housed in another building, commonly called the "High School Building". The High School Building and the Primary building are directly across each other and are separated by a public road.


The academic year starts mid-June and ends in early April and is divided into three quarters. Examinations are held at the end of every quarter and every month.

At the end of Class X, the students take the State Government administered Secondary School Certificate Examination. At the end of Class VII also, students have to take a State Government administered exam. The school has good performance in the public exams and has in several occasions had 100% pass results.[citation needed]


The school follows a house system. The student body is split into four houses with an aim to promote competition among the students.

The houses are:

  • Montfort (yellow) - named after St. Louis de Montfort, the Patron Saint of the school
  • Stanislaus (blue) - named after Bro. Stanislaus who captained the school for 18 years
  • Gabriel (green)- named after the Messenger of God
  • John of God (red) - named after Bro. John of God, the founder of the school

Each house has:

  • A senior teacher in charge of supervision
  • A General House Captain (generally from the X Class) who leads the house
  • An Assistant General House Captain (from the IX Class)
  • A house captain for every section from Classes I to X who leads the house in his/her section
  • Student members in every section from Classes I to X

Students are inducted into the houses at the time of admission and generally remain in the same house until they graduate from the school. The four houses compete among each other for the Annual Championships in the Literary, Cultural and Sports categories. There is also an "Overall Champion" trophy awarded to the best House every year.


St. Paul's High School has facilities for table-tennis and basketball. The school houses a full basketball court, and two grounds for casual sports and games. The school hosts the annual Open State Ranking Table Tennis Tournament.[citation needed]

Ceremonies and traditions[edit]

St. Paul's Feast Day

  • St. Paul's Feast Day is observed in a solemn ceremony on 29 June every year. The Principal leads a prayer service with a reading from the scriptures and a brief message for the staff remembering the life and message of St. Paul, the patron Saint of the school.

Investiture ceremony

  • At the start of each academic year, the newly elected School Cabinet and Class leaders take the oath of office in a colourful Investiture ceremony. All students wear the colours of their houses and cheer as their newly elected leaders march past the dais. The Head Boy and the Head Girl make their maiden speech on this occasion.

Teachers Day

  • 5 September of every year is celebrated as Teachers' Day all over India in the memory of former President Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. In what is probably the most festive celebration of the year, students show their appreciation to their teachers. Sports and games are held for the teachers and prizes are given away. Every classroom has an individual celebration for about an hour before the whole school assembles to celebrate the event. The organization of the event in its entirety is taken up by the School Cabinet and the Class Leaders.
Teacher's Day is also marked as "Back to School Day" by the alumni of the school who make it a point to visit the school and greet their teachers. Retired teachers are also reunited on this occasion.

Independence Day

  • Independence day is celebrated very grandly. There are inter-house cultural competitions and each house is given a topic to perform- usually related to the theme "India" and then the winners are declared. This is the day for the Cabinet to show off their abilities.

Annual Day The most awaited event of the school, the annual day, is a very colourful and enthusiastic event. It is also called the prize night. The parents of the school head boy and head girl are invited as the guests of honour. The event starts with the prayer song by the school choir followed by a welcome dance. The head boy and head girl along with the other school cabinet present the annual report. Prizes in various fields are given to the students:

  • Academic Excellence: Toppers of class
  • General Proficiency: extraordinary participation in various competitions besides

good performance in academics

  • Young Achievers: Students who won various competitions in various fields

outside school and brought glory to school.

  • Best outgoing student: Excellent Participation in Inter-School Competitions
  • Best Science Student: Student of ninth standard who secured highest marks in science among all the sections is bestowed this award.
  • Best Student: A gold medal sponsored by Justice Subhashan Reddy is bestowed

on the students (a boy and a girl) selected by the school Principal.


  • Bro. John of God- Founder
  • Bro. John of the Sacred Heart- 1954-55
  • Bro. Martialis- 1956-57
  • Bro. Stanislaus- 1958-76
  • Bro. Dominic Mary- 1976-78
  • Bro. John de Britto- 1978-79
  • Bro. N. C. Mathew- 1979-85
  • Bro. P. K. Joseph- 1985-89
  • Bro. Thomas Reddy- 1989-95
  • Bro. Lawrence D’Souza - 1995-2001
  • Bro. P. T. Joseph- 2001-03
  • Bro. Show Reddy- 2003-2010
  • Bro. Sudhakar Reddy- 2010-2016
  • Bro. Rayappa Reddy- 2016-Onwards

[1] The school choir won the carol singing competition continuously for ten years under Sir John Geiles.

Notable alumni[edit]



Bro. Stanislaus devoted helped design and supervised the work of construction of school buildings, including the auditorium, the libraries, and the laboratories. Bro. Stanislaus was honoured with the National Award for Best Teacher in the year 1970-71, by the then President of India Late Sri V. V. Giri for his services to the country through St. Paul's High School.

In 1959, the first batch of students appeared for the X Class Board Examinations.


Bro. Stanislaus acquired land on the other side of the road in 1971, to house the Primary Section. He dedicated the building to the Blessed Alphonsa and named it Alphonsa Villa. Soon after the completion of the building Bro. Stanislaus died on 12 May 1976 and his long tenure as Principal (1958–1976) had ended. Alphonsa Villa was renamed 'Bro. Stanislaus Memorial Building' in honour of the Chief Architect of St. Paul's High School.

The new principal was Rev. Bro. Dominic who was with the school for two years. Rev. Bro. John de Britto took over from Bro. Dominic for a year, in 1978. He added two more stories to Bro. Stanislaus Building due to the high numbers of students wanting admission into the school.

In 1979 Rev. Bro. N. C. Mathew became the Principal. He planned and executed the task of extending the school buildings such as the Central Block, the existing Administrative Block, consisting of Staff rooms, Library, Computer lab., Physical Science lab., Conference Hall, Monfort Hall, Reading Room, Table Tennis Hall, and Brothers' quarters. During his tenure the school celebrated its Silver Jubilee (1980).


Bro. Mathew was at the helm of the school for six years, and was succeeded by Bro. P. K. Joseph who served the institution for four yearss.

In 1989, Bro. Thomas Reddy took over. Computer Science was introduced as an optional subject in 1991 and then was made a compulsory subject in 1993. After serving St. Paul's for six years, in 1995 he was elevated to the distinguished position of Provincial Superior.


Rev. Bro. Lawrence D'Souza took up the responsibility to head the institution in the year 1995. It was during his tenure that another storey was added to the Primary Block, and a cellar was constructed for parking space in the high school block. He renovated the Montfort Hall, Alphonsa Hall, and the Table Tennis Hall, giving them the present modern look. He improved the facilities in the computer lab of the high school and started a new computer lab. in the primary block. St. Paul's Table Tennis Academy, which was the brainchild of Bro. Lawrence, under the able guidance of Ibrahim Khan and Nagender Reddy, was inaugurated, on 11 December 1996. Computer Science was made a compulsory subject starting at the primary school. The school was made coeducational in 1996, ending over four decades of the all-boys policy.

2000 to present[edit]

In October 2001, Denzil Atkinson, (Member of the Parliament) inaugurated the HAM Radio Station on the school premises. Every year since then, the Amateur Radio Club of Hyderabad has been providing training to students to operate the HAM Radio.

Bro. Lawrence was succeeded by Rev. Bro P. T. Joseph in the year 2001. It was during his term that Centenary Celebrations of the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel and Montfort Literary and Cultural competitions were conducted.

Bro. Show Reddy took over the charge of St. Paul's in 2003. He has developed the infrastructure of the school by installing "Smart Classes" and a new computer lab. A fourth floor was added to the high school building.

The present principal Rev. Bro. Sudhakar Reddy took charge in 2010. St Pauls high school will complete a fruitful sixty years of operation in the diamond jubliee year 2014-2015.

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