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Original author(s)"random"
Initial release1999 (1999)[1]
Stable release
Written inC
Operating systemLinux, Solaris
Size36 kB
TypeBotnet Edit this on Wikidata

Stacheldraht (German for "barbed wire") is malware which performs a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. It was written by "Thomas Stacheldraht", a member of the Austrian hacker group TESO. It was first released in 1999.[1]

Stacheldraht uses a number of different denial-of-service (DoS) attack methods, including Ping flood, UDP flood, TCP SYN flood, and Smurf attack. Further, it can detect and automatically enable source address forgery. Adding encryption, it combines features of Trinoo and of Tribe Flood Network. The software runs on both Linux and Solaris.[1]

Stacheldraht was later superseded by Blitzkrieg, which was maintained by "random" and a loose group of associates.[citation needed]

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