Stalin (1992 film)

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Stalin (1992 film).jpg
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GenreBiographical drama, Political thriller, Suspense
Written byPaul Monash
Directed byIvan Passer
StarringRobert Duvall
Julia Ormond
Joan Plowright
Jeroen Krabbé
Theme music composerStanislas Syrewicz
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
Producer(s)Mark Carliner
Production location(s)Moscow
CinematographyVilmos Zsigmond
Editor(s)Peter Davies
Running time172 minutes
Production company(s)HBO Pictures
MGM Television (US)
Warner Bros. Television (International)
Budget10 million[1][2]
Original networkHBO
Picture formatColor
Audio formatDolby
Original releaseNovember 21, 1992 (1992-11-21)

Stalin is a 1992 television film, produced for HBO, starring Robert Duvall portraying Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. The film won three Golden Globe Awards among various awards including cinematography awards for Vilmos Zsigmond[3] as well as best actor for Robert Duvall. Filming was done in Budapest, Hungary and Moscow, Russia, with extraordinary access to Kremlin buildings in the weeks surrounding the Dissolution of the Soviet Union.[4]


The film portrays the political career and personal life of the former leader of the Soviet Union, Georgian-born Josef Djughashvili, who later adopted the name Joseph Stalin, demonstrating his rule and how he was able to bring the Soviet Union to a place of great power on the world stage, but at a consequence: in this case, the destruction of his family as well as the mass murder of millions of his own Russian Revolutionary partners, and ultimately his acts of corruption in the Communist Party. The focus is on the behaviour of Stalin and the after effects. The story is as narrated by Stalin's daughter Svetlana, who defected to the United States in 1967.


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