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Stanley is an American situation comedy starring Buddy Hackett, Carol Burnett, and the voice of Paul Lynde. It aired on NBC-TV from September 24, 1956 to March 11, 1957 during the 1956–1957 television season. It was produced by Max Liebman, who had previously produced Sid Caesar's Your Show of Shows, co-sponsored by American Tobacco (Pall Mall cigarettes) and The Toni Company (Bobbi Home Permanent, Pamper Shampoo).

Stanley revolved around the adventures of the namesake character (Hackett) as the operator of a newsstand in a posh New York City hotel. Burnett played his girlfriend, Celia, and Lynde voiced the unseen hotel owner, Mr. Fenton, who never appeared on camera but could frequently be heard giving orders to his staff.

As was the case with several such programs (but a declining number, even at this early stage of network television), Stanley was aired live. Several episodes of the series, preserved on kinescope film, are known to exist. The program aired on Monday nights at 8:30 pm EST opposite the popular Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts on CBS and the long running The Voice Of Firestone on ABC. After 19 weeks of low ratings, Stanley was canceled at mid-season replaced by Tales Of Wells Fargo, a western which ran on NBC for the next five and a half years. On February 16, 1964, Hackett and Burnett were reunited on CBS-TV's "What's My Line?" A blind-folded Hackett recognized his former co-star's voice who appeared as that evening's mystery guest. After briefly discussing their short-lived roles on Stanley, Buddy exclaimed, "That's the one the Nielsen guys threw off the air for us!"

In the show's introduction, the following line was recited: "You think you've got troubles. Stanley, he's got troubles!"

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