State emblems of Malaysia

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In addition to their own state flags and anthems, each 13 of Malaysia's states has its own emblems, consisting of a state animal and a state plant.

State State animal State flora
Johor Southern tiger Orchid
Kedah Canary Rice
Kelantan Antelope n/a
Negeri Sembilan Deer n/a
Melaka Mousedeer Malacca tree
Pahang Black elephant n/a
Perlis Snake n/a
Penang Bayan bird Pinang palm
Perak Gaur Bougainvillea bush
Selangor White eagle n/a
Sabah Orangutan Rafflesia
Sarawak Hornbill Normah orchid
Terengganu Sea turtle (will be replaced with ocellaris clownfish) Allmanda

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