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Stephen Swart
Medal record
Representing  New Zealand
Men's Track cycling
Commonwealth Games
Silver medal – second place 1986 Edinburgh 4000m Team Pursuit

Steven Swart (born Auckland, 5 January 1965) is a former New Zealand cyclist. He began his professional career with British team, ANC-Halfords and rode the 1987 Tour de France with them. After the ANC team folded later that year, he rode for American teams.

With the Motorola team, he participated in the 1994 and 1995 Tour de France. He won the Herald Sun Tour (Australia) and the Tour of Canada.

Swart's older brother, Jack, was a top amateur cyclist.[1]

In the 1986 Commonwealth Games he competed in the 4000m team pursuit, the team came second for silver; and in the 4000m individual pursuit.

Doping and cheating revelations[edit]

Prompted by his son's taking up racing, Swart spoke up about doping in cycling. He described Lance Armstrong, his Motorola teammate, as one of the strongest advocates of doping when the team decided to dope. “He was the instigator,” Swart told Sports Illustrated. “It was his words that pushed us toward doing it.” [2] Swart also described his own doping.

When he initially made his disclosures, he was vilified and called a loser. Later, in 2012, he was named the New Zealander of the year for having told the truth.[3][4]

Swart also testified, under oath in 2006, that he was paid $50,000 to lose a race, by Armstrong.[5]

Cycling career[edit]

Tour de France

  • 1987 – abandoned in the 19th stage
  • 1994 – 112th
  • 1995 – 109th


  • 1987 – ANC Halfords
  • 1988 – SEFB-Tönissteiner
  • 1989 – Coors Light
  • 1990 – Coors Light
  • 1991 – Coors Light
  • 1992 – Coors Light
  • 1993 – Coors Light
  • 1994 – Motorola
  • 1995 – Motorola



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