Stolojan Cabinet

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Stolojan I
Flag of Romania.svg
110th cabinet of Romania
Theodor Stolojan.PNG
Date formed 16 October 1991
Date dissolved 19 November 1992
People and organisations
Head of government Theodor Stolojan
Head of state Ion Iliescu
Member party FSN, PNL, Ecologist Movement, PDAR
Status in legislature Majority
Election(s) -
Outgoing election 27 September 1992
Predecessor Roman III
Successor Văcăroiu I

The Stolojan I Cabinet was the Cabinet of the Government of Romania between October 16, 1991 and 1992. It was the fourth Cabinet after the fall of Communism in Romania. The Prime Minister was Theodor Stolojan, former communist official (responsible with the foreign currency), and FSN member at the time he took office.


Coalition members:   FSN,   PNL,   Ecologist Movement,   PDAR, and   Independent ministers

Prime Minister: