Strand Frisian

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Strand Frisian
Region Strand island; later Nordstrand, Pellworm and Wyk auf Föhr
Ethnicity North Frisians
Extinct 19th century; derivative dialect Halligen Frisian still spoken today
Language codes
ISO 639-3
Glottolog None

Strand Frisian was a dialect of the North Frisian language which was originally spoken on Strand island, Duchy of Schleswig. Strand was destroyed in the Burchardi flood of 1634 with its remnants forming the islands Pellworm and Nordstrand which are now part of Germany. Strand Frisian is counted among the mainland group of North Frisian dialects.


The Frisian language became extinct on Nordstrand in the 17th century while it was spoken on Pellworm until the 18th century. After the 1634 flood, refugees from Strand brought their dialect to Wyk auf Föhr where it was spoken until the 19th century. Like the now extinct Wyk dialect, the Halligen Frisian can be seen as a continuation of the former Strand Frisian.

Notable works[edit]

The most notable piece of literature in Strand Frisian is a translation of Martin Luther's Small Catechism from the time before 1634.[1] Other works include the "Mirensöng" [Morning Song] and "Eensöng" [Evening song] by preacher Anton Heimreich (1626–1685) from Nordstrand.[2] Knudt Andreas Frerks (1815–1899), a pastor from Wyk, wrote a translation of the Parable of the Prodigal Son in the Wyk Frisian dialect.


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